A Wedding Thought Plaque
A Wedding Thought Plaque

A Wedding Thought Plaque


  • Bronze Plaque
  • Handmade in Ireland
  • Celtic Design

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Product Description

This Traditional Irish Wedding thought is an ideal gift for any happy couple’s big day.

The Wedding Thought is inscribed on a bronze plaque with a unique mythical font. A beautiful Celtic-knotted emblem and a traditional Irish Celtic design hand carved around the inscription make this piece unmistakably Irish.

The plaque is handmade in the studios of Irish Celtic Art in County Monaghan, Ireland. Irish Celtic Art Studios is a family-run business and has been making products like this for over 15 years.

It reads as follows: “One special moment shared by two, a sealing kiss, beginnings new. Their path so certain so fixed so true. A union made cemented like glue. So many trials lay hidden ahead now these special two have wed, Laughter, tears they both will bear, An eternal life long love they’ll share.”

Packaged in an attractive display box, this is one gift that is guaranteed to make anyone’s day.