Celtic Knotwork Band Earrings
Celtic Knotwork Band EarringsCeltic Knotwork Band Earrings

Celtic Knotwork Band Earrings


  • 100% Sterling Silver
  • Celtic Knotwork Design 
  • 29Mm High X 13Mm Wide
  • Made in Ireland

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Product Description

These Irish Celtic Knotwork Earrings are one of a kind and will not be easily found again. The Earrings are made from 100% Sterling silver with Rhodium Plating to ensure an excellent shine. The Earrings are designed in the West of Ireland, the design is inspired by the shapes of the West Coast of Ireland where the Atlantic Ocean connects with Ireland. The Use of the Celtic Knotwork is to show the interlocking shoreline of Ireland on the raised landscape. These earrings are unique and can be worn at any occasion either formal or casual. Packaged in an excellent box, these earrings are a perfect addition to any jewelry collection.