Claddagh And Serpent With Chain
Claddagh And Serpent With ChainCladdagh And Serpent With Chain

Claddagh And Serpent With Chain


  • Complete with Chain
  • Made in Ireland
  • Sterling Silver

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Product Description

The Serpent can be seen on ancient manuscripts that monks crafted years ago. Although nowadays there are no snakes in Ireland since St. Patrick drove them all from the country, the monks included Serpent’s all of the time in their work. The most common way they are seen in the ancient manuscripts are wrapped around Celtic crosses but historians debate whether they actually ever existed in Ireland. This is what makes this pendent an extra special piece of jewelry. The pendent has a Claddagh joined by Serpent at the top. This mythical pendent is made from sterling silver and captures two of the most important symbols of Irishness. This Pendent will guarantee to start conversations no matter where it is worn.