Guinness Sig. Tulip Glasses
Guinness Sig. Tulip GlassesGuinness Sig. Tulip Glasses

Guinness Sig. Tulip Glasses


  • Genuine Guinness Glasses
  • Imported From Dublin
  • Draught Harp Design

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Product Description

Guinness Sig. Tulip Glasses (2 pack)

These are not your everyday pint glasses. In fact they are two Imperial Pint glasses that will hold 1.2 U.S. Pints. This elegant style is adorned with the hearty mark of Guinness in the form of the classic logo showing a golden harp. The year that Arthur Guinness began brewing ales at the St. James Brewery, 1759, is used in conjunction with the harp. The gorgeous tulip style glass curves help trap the aroma and maintain the large head that Guinness is known for perfecting. While a good Guinness is ideal for these pub treasures, these glasses will look great when filled with any beverage. With these signature tulip pint glasses it is always Guinness time.