moonlight body lotion
Inis Moonlight Irish Body Lotion

Inis Moonlight Irish Body Lotion


200Ml Body Lotion

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Product Description

Imagine yourself strolling by the Irish Sea on a moonlit night and you’ve entered the world of Inis Moonlight Irish body lotion.  From the makers of Inis cologne comes this moisturizing body lotion that soothes your skin as it carries you away on waves of scent.  Combining the traditional notes of Inis cologne with warm pockets of citrus, floral and wood, this lotion has a warm, rich scent that wraps you in a soft embrace.  The unique formula, which includes satin silk and black pearl extracts, is designed to provide maximum moisturizing while being gentle to your skin.   It comes in a 200ml tube that it is as lovely to look at as it is extravagant to use and is presented in a beautiful box, ideal for gift giving.  Lose yourself in the magic of the Irish night with this high quality body lotion for an experience you’ll never forget.