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Inis Perfume

Meaning “Ireland” in Gaelic, Inis is a perfume brand that encapsulates the true scents of the Emerald Isle.
Created by Fragrances of Ireland, an independent perfume house based in County Wicklow, each perfume in the collection has been carefully developed to evoke memories of Ireland’s finest features.
Inis’s best-selling perfume “The Energy of the Sea” came to life on a sunny beach in the West of Ireland, whereas its sister scent, “Moonlight” captures the magical feeling of a midnight stroll on an Irish moonlit beach.
Nothing takes you back to a place quite as well as a trail of a scent and each Inis perfume is inspired by the magic, beauty and nature of Ireland. The collection is the innovation of world-renowned perfumier Arthur Burnham, whose inspiration comes from Ireland’s landscapes, from the wild Irish Sea to the fresh mountain tops.
Ireland is a place of true beauty and Inis perfumes capture this splendor magnificently, for both men and women. Available from in a variety of bottle sizes and as cologne, eau de parfum or roll-on fragrance, the Inis range of scents offers a wonderful opportunity to acquire a romantic gift or a long-lasting and fragrant souvenir of your time in scenic Ireland.

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