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Celtic Jewelry


  • Celtic Pendants

    Add a touch of Irish to your outfit with one of ShamrockGifts gorgeous Celtic-inspired pendant necklaces. Weve got everything from claddaghs, Celtic crosses and trinity knots to shamrocks, birthstones and knotwork, so no matter who youre buying for, youre sure to fine the perfect gift in this bunch.

    For something simple and from the heart, try a Claddagh pendant with a personalized birthstone setting. For a more lavish gift, check out our claddagh and serpent option, which features traditional Celtic serpents, a claddagh and a sterling silver chain. Regardless of what you choose, you can rest assured your pendant will be unique, beautiful and 100-percent hand made in Ireland.

  • Bracelets & Bangles

    Wear your Irish pride on your sleeve - literally - with ShamrockGifts wide selection of Celtic-inspired bracelets and bangles. Our bangles come in Mullingar pewter, brass and other high-quality materials and feature traditional Irish designs like knots, claddaghs, leaves and more. We even have a Book of Kells design!

    Most importantly, our bangles and bracelets are all 100-percent hand made in Ireland. They boast the highest quality ingredients, and theyre designed to stand the test of time - so you can expect to have your bangle for the long haul!

  • Claddagh Rings

    Browse our fine selection of Claddagh Rings. Wedding Rings, Birthstome Rings, Friendship Ring and much more. 

  • Celtic Engagement Rings

    Want something that says "forever" in a unique, stunning and one-of-a-kind way? Consider a Celtic engagement ring from ShamrockGift. Weve got the largest selection of Celtic jewelry on the web, featuring everything from Irish claddagh and trinity knot rings to personalized birthstones, stunning diamond settings and more.

    Our Celtic engagement rings are all made by hand right in the heart of Irleand. They feature only the finest possible materials and theyre designed to stand the test of time - just like your marriage. Are you ready to declare your love? Then consider one of our beautiful Celtic engagement rings today.

  • Celtic Earrings

    Show off your Irish pride with a unique and stunning set of Celtic-inspired earrings from ShamrockGift. Our earrings feature everything from claddaghs and trinity knots to shamrocks and crosses, all on sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, 14K gold and other high-quality materials. We even have options with semi-precious stones, too! Choose from emeralds, diamonds, pearls and more - whatever catches your eyes first.

    Each of our earring sets is completely made in Ireland by hand, using only the finest and highest quality materials. Best of all, we have a wide variety of styles, too. So no matter who youre buying for, theres something from everyone in this bunch. Opt for a simple pair of studs, choose something sparkly, or grab a dangly pair instead. The choice is yours! Take a look at our selection, and grab your pair now.

  • Celtic Crosses

    For traditional Celtic cross jewelry, theres no better place to shop than ShamrockGift. Here at ShamrockGift, we offer a huge selection of Celtic crosses in all shapes, sizes and styles. From crosses adorned with emeralds, diamonds, CZ and more, to crosses with claddaghs, trinity knots and gold plating, weve got it all. We even have the St. Brigid cross design, in honor of Irish patron saint Brigid of Kildare.

    Celtic cross jewelry is a great gift for any occasion. Surprise your friend for their birthday, put one in a loved ones Christmas stocking or even just buy one for yourself! Youll be glad you did.

  • Celtic Rings

    ShamrockGift is your one-stop shop for all kinds of traditional Irish and Celtic rings. Whether youre looking for a beautiful birthday or Christmas gift for your mom, sister or friend, or you want a stunning and unique engagement or wedding band you cant find anywhere else, ShamrockGift has it all.

    Our rings feature everything from claddaghs and trinity knots to gorgeous birthstone and diamond settings. Weve even got friendship rings! Best of all, everything is made 100-percent in Ireland with the finest possible materials and care. Theyre beautiful, theyre high-quality, and theyre not available anywhere else, so browse our selection and grab a unique gift for your loved one today.

Celtic Jewelry


Are you dreaming of a grand Irish wedding? The kind that is packed full of tradition and heritage making it memorable for all who attend as well as the bride and groom. That perfect day will have some beautifully crafted jewelry at the heart of it.

There are multiple styles to choose from whether you opt for Celtic wedding bands, Claddagh wedding bands or something from our wider range of Irish jewelry. There is something a little mystical about these ranges because they are steeped in heritage and are firmly rooted in time honored Irish tradition.

The delicate Celtic patterns make each piece a thing of beauty and character. The Claddagh ring represents the height of tradition. It is given as a symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship. To be more specific the hands represent friendship, the heart represents love and the crown represents loyalty. The design and customs associated with the Claddagh originated in an Irish village by the same name. This familiar ring was first produced in the 17th century.

You can also browse our bangles and bracelets that have intricate Irish patterns making them stand out from the norm. Wear your Irish pride on your wrist or finger and bring a touch of enchantment to the big day. For the ultimate day in authenticity and Irish charm there is no greater symbol of Ireland’s heritage. 

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