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Guinness Merchandise

Guinness Merchandise


  • Guinness Clothing

    The clothing designs are modern and eye catching while also being authentic to their roots. You no longer have to be a Guinness drinker to appreciate their merchandise because it has established a fan base all of its own. Their clothing is hard wearing and holds the stamp of Guinness quality. Whether you are into Rugby jerseys, plain tee shirts, polo necks, zip up hoodies, jackets, caps or pull over hoodies, something will certainly exceed your expectations on these pages.

  • Guinness Glasses

    How will you enjoy your Guinness today? Will it be in a Toucan themed pint glass, a Guinness signature tulip glass, or in a Guinness tankard complete with a pewter logo? Guinness fans know that a good pint is best served in a glass that compliments it. The glasses also make cracking presents for Guinness lovers as well as collectors.

  • Guinness Hats and Caps

    The whole hat range showcases perfect stitching and high quality fabrics. It is the attention to detail and the fantastic designs that bring this range to life. Guinness merchandise is internationally recognized for a reason and these hats are a perfect example of how clothing can be created and presented with an edge of quality and prestige.

  • Guinness Signs

    Guinness have been making magical marketing ideas come true since 1931 with ‘A Guinness a Day’. There are so many classics that people are still all too familiar with that this side of the business has massive historical worth in its own right. The advertisement of Guinness took on a momentum that few could have predicted. The imagery is striking and so memorable that a Guinness sign deserves a place in every home!

  • Guinness Apparel

    For our super stylish range of Guinness apparel check out these pages. We have thick comfortable hoodies, simple Gaelic tee shirts, eye catching jerseys and of course a selection of rugby inspired tops. The rugby performance jerseys in particular are extremely popular because their design is striking, fashionable and perfect for casual as well as sporting occasions.

  • Guinness Gifts

    If you are stuck on what to buy someone you may have missed an obvious choice. Whether they are a Guinness fan or not Guinness merchandise makes an exceedingly good gift! Why? It is made from top quality materials, finished to the highest standards, bares the mark of an internationally respected brand and holds the prestige and authenticity of a centuries old company.


Who doesn’t love Guinness? Now, you can take your love of Guinness with you - anywhere you go! Grab the official Guinness rugby jersey, and wear your Irish pride on your sleeve as you bike, run or just go about town. If jerseys aren’t your style, we’ve also got T-shirts, caps, jackets, hoodies and more to choose from.

The tie between Ireland and Guinness is one made of steel. Few people will visit this great nation without sinking a pint (or a half pint) of the smooth black stuff. There are some serious fans out there intent on collecting all things Guinness – and who can blame them – there is some extremely slick and stylish gear to collect.

You can even fill your home with the love of Guinness. Pick up some Guinness-themed pint glasses for your kitchen, an official Guinness print poster for your wall or even custom-made Guinness coasters for the table. If you’re not a Guinness fan yourself, our official products make perfect gifts as well. Chances are you know quite a few Guinness lovers, they are everywhere! Surprise your friends with Guinness-themed birthday presents, stocking stuffers or even bachelor party gifts.

Until you have experienced a Guinness Gift shop firsthand and seen the full range of official merchandise available you have not lived! We think you will find your browsing as fun as it is productive so what are you waiting for? Get your Guinness fix this instance. 

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