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Irish Gift Specials

What captures the Irish spirit best? What is that one gift that speaks of Irish tradition and heritage the loudest? It is hard to narrow down individual choice and expectation but we think we have rounded up some of the more creative Irish gifts on this page to help guide your choices.

There are some key products that are instantly recognizable as quintessentially Irish such as the Trinity knot ring and Claddagh marked plaque. The Claddagh symbol is synonymous with Irish heritage as are Celtic patterns. The whisky flask is a popular item whether it is leather bound, made out of pewter, or part of an exquisite set.

The Gaelic whisky set is one of many sets available on these pages that cater for wide ranging tastes. ShamrockGift have creative Irish gifts for every occasion including perfume, shower, teapot and candlestick sets. If you are buying something special for someone that should give you plenty of ideas to choose from and then there are the individual gift choices.

Browse these pages full of exquisite jewelry, perfumes, plaques, wedding flutes, traditional Irish knitwear and other quirky choices. These are high quality examples of Ireland’s finest. With free shipping on all orders over $100 and 24/7 customer service shopping has never been easier.

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