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Irish Celtic Cross Decorations

The Celtic cross captures what so many people remember about their trip to Ireland, essentially because they are everywhere. The traditional Celtic cross is usually covered in the beautiful continuously looping knot – a pattern very familiar to those aware of Ireland’s traditions. There are variations on the Celtic pattern but there is never any mistaking it. We have a great of crosses crafted in pewter and bronze.
These ancient metals are crafted using authentic skills by trained artisans who also finish each piece by hand. These are labors of love and meticulous skill making them prize possessions. The crosses are distinct due to their circular piece where the two straight pieces join – that looks like a halo.
According to legend Patron Saint Patrick introduced the Celtic cross to Ireland to help convert the Pagans residing there to the Catholic faith. In some of the oldest, still surviving, monasteries in Ireland it is still possible to see a Celtic cross above doorways.
The cross is a powerful symbol of Irish heritage and religion. They make elegant pieces, loaded with sentiment for anyone who has a strong connection to either of those two strands. The crosses are handmade and come packaged in beautiful boxes.

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