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Irish Door Knockers

It is an area we tend to neglect these days. In history the door was the focal point of the house for many reasons. It is where we would receive esteemed guests and invite them into our homes in a manor determined by etiquette and of course the class system. These days we tend to rely on intermittent door bells, a hard knock and if all else fails a call or text via the mobile asking to be let in.
Door knockers pull the best bits from our heritage and give the moment of entry into a friends or family members home a touch of prestige. They are solidly made and finished to exquisite standards. The pewter detailing attracts the eye and will transform any modern, traditional or ancient door into one with presence and purpose.
There are a range of designs showcasing the shamrock, Celtic patterns, or the Claddagh symbol. The expert finish by a skilled artisan ensures that the pewter is smooth and pristine, making it very fetching. They are very traditional Irish pewter pieces crafted by Mullingar Pewter who reintroduced the ancient craft in 1974.
If you are looking for a gift that speaks of pure quality and is built to last then this range will satisfy your needs. The intricate detail and smooth pewter look are hard to beat. They are a truly elegant and traditionally Irish specimen in terms of design and the materials they are constructed from.

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