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Irish Pewter Gifts

There is something significantly special about Irish Pewter and the gifts crafted from it. Pewter making is an ancient craft that was revived in 1974 by Mullingar Pewter. Only a skilled artisan can cast, turn, meticulously assemble and delicately finish each piece by hand. There is over 800 years of tradition and skill being absorbed by every pewter gift which makes them stand out items whether buying for yourself or for others.

ShamrockGifts stock a wide range of pewter gifts including door knockers, goblet sets, Claddagh bangles, wedding flutes, photo frames, knives, flasks and candle holders. There is something very sophisticated, refined and elegant about a pewter present. The combination of crystal and pewter result in sublime engagement and wedding gifts. The pewter section is an excellent place to start your hunt for that extra special wedding or christening gift.

They are very collectable items and the quality put into their handmade finish means they are long lasting so are often cherished and passed down as heirlooms. If you are wanting to dazzle a friend with pewter flutes for that special moving in party, show someone how much they mean to you with a pewter Celtic bangle, or buy something memorable, like a pewter photo frame and a childhood print for your mum and dad’s engagement then there are planet of exceptional gifts to browse in the Irish pewter section – enjoy!

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