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Irish Plaques and Blessings

For a gift steeped in Irish tradition and culture this section has that in bucket loads. The rich history of magic, religion and mythology that sculpts the way the world sees the Irish is rarely repeated by any other nations. There is something truly special about the customs, heritage and culture of this beautiful country that captures the hearts and minds of those who visit, or wish to visit.
When giving a gift to a child or a couple on their wedding day there is something moving about that moment if you can pass on an Irish saying or blessing to support them on their journey. It is a very thoughtful, loving and genuine gift intended to bestow something beyond mere emotions on the recipient.
These plaques and blessings are crafted from bronze which in itself in an ancient craft. The blessings as well as the skills to craft them extend back through centuries of Irish history. The bronze plaque states ‘Cead Mile Failte’ which is Gaelic for ‘A hundred thousand welcomes‘. A Celtic knot pattern surrounds the inscription and in all it is very much a beautiful example of Irish charm and heritage that would be suitable for any occasion.
The Irish baby blessing plaque is an exquisite gift that the child can carry with it all its life. The blessing states that God will guard over them and protect them on their journey through life. Sometimes what you want to say to someone special can only be said by way of a carefully selected plaque. It means so much more when you are passing on a blessing written in metal that they can see every day to remind them of those special words.

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