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Womens Cardigans

Why do Irish sweaters feel so homey and romantic? Even their origin story seems very romantic: the Aran sweater’s picturesque starting point is the most westerly edge of Europe, the Aran Islands (Inisheer, Inishmaan, and Inishmore). This remote spot is where Irish fisherman first started donning gansey wool sweaters for their long, cold days at work on the water. The records show that hand-knitting was first introduced to Ireland in the 17th century, and all along the western seaboard knitting skills became part of every Irish woman’s arsenal. As the knits became more intricate and specialized, the beautiful sweaters started to be seen as a potential income source, and the fisherman sweater boom got in full swing.

As the Irish knitters got increasingly creative, variations on the crewneck fisherman sweater abounded. Originally derived from the British waistcoat, cardigans started becoming a thing around the early 20th century (Coco Chanel famously preferred cardigans because she didn’t like how snug-fitting pullover sweaters messed up her hair when putting them on). Its first big surge of popularity was among the American college elite (perhaps that’s why cardigans have always had a whiff of the professorial). When Aran stitches were added to the mix, the cardigan’s already-present cozy qualities were amplified. The luxurious feel of plush Irish wool combined with the heft and depth of the Aran knitting patterns proved to be a winning combination. People are still wearing them a hundred years later, after all!

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