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Aran Finger Less Gloves

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  • 100% Merino Wool
  • Traditional Aran Stitching
  • Fingerless   
  • Made in Ireland

Keep your hands protected from the harsh winds of the fall and winter cold but free enough for certain tasks with these Fingerless Wool Gloves.

Made of 100% rich Merino wool, these gloves will provide superior breathability, insulation, and durability while pampering your hands with softness.

Purely Irish from top to bottom, these gloves feature gorgeous Aran stitching that is full of great detail and meaning.

At the top is basket stitching representing fishermen’s baskets and wishes for prolific catches. In the center is a diamond symbolizing fishermen’s nets as well as prosperity and success.

This diamond is bordered on the left and right by cable rope patterns that signify fishermen’s ropes and hopes for fruitful trips.

At the bottom is more lovely stitching that includes braided cable patterns and the tree of life, which represents family and past generations.

While insulating the core of the hands and the wrists from the cold, these gloves leave the fingers free to allow for activities that require use of the fingers like operating a smartphone.

Make these stylish and practical gloves a unique part of your winter accessory collection!

Fingerless Gloves

These specially designed gloves keep the wrists and core of the hands warm but free the fingers for tasks like using a smartphone. This feature is not only practical but creates an edgy style effect!

Traditional Aran Stitching

These gloves are decorated with rich Aran stitching that includes beautiful basket, cable, diamond, and tree of life patterns.

100% Merino Wool

These gloves a made of Merino wool, a quality wool known for its great moisture wicking ability, durability, and softness.

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