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Belleek Classic Kylemore Trinket Box

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  • The heart shape gives the box a unique and outstanding look, that is both practical and outstanding.
  • Basketweave motif that covers the lid and base of the box is an artistic beauty, intricately designed to impress
  • The hand-painted clovers are symbolic and have a deep connection to the Irish culture and traditions
  • The trinket box is a product of the glamorous and globally renown Belleek fine china and porcelain company.
  • The product comes in dimensions measuring approximately 3.5 inches in width and 4.5 inches in height.


Manufacturer: Belleek China

We are all plagued with the worry and fear of losing or misplacing our small valuables, like necklaces, rings, and other jewelry in our households. Finding adequate and sufficient and convenient storage for our little treasures can prove problematic. There are a lot of storage options available, but for the stylish and artistic lovers, they are always out to find the very best masterpieces to store the small valuables. The storage equipment should be outstanding, beautifully crafted, and embracing the very best of art. Our gorgeous, authentic, exquisite, and beautiful Belleek Classic Kylemore Trinket Box lives up to all your expectations, in terms of class, beauty, and uniqueness.
Our glamourous keepsake box is the ultimate tool that you should consider to add to your home interior décor. A combination of both artistic beauty, delicate fine and impressive prints, this little marvel will be the perfect addition to your home. You can comfortably store your small treasured items in the box while confidently displaying it in your house to the marvel of your visitors! Our little beauty can also serve as a considerate present to your friends or loved ones.
Our cute and sleek Kylemore trinket box is refined, crafted, and design by the best in the industry. The intricate design displays a tremendous refined basket weave pattern which covers the lid and base of this heart-shaped box.
The lid of this fantastic piece is creatively hand-painted with glorious green shamrock and stems, a beauty galore to withhold! A beautiful piece of Ireland’s traditional history of basket weaving in wicker, the basket weave embossing is a fantastic artistic representation.
The design embraces the shamrock print, one of Irelands most renown, beloved, and adored symbols that are part of the national icons. The symbol is a representation of good luck, showcasing Ireland’s natural verdant countryside, and St. Patrick’s conversion of the Celts to Catholicism, which is practiced by a majority of the Irish population.
The beauty of the Irish is clearly and proudly shown in our marvelous Kylemore Trinket box, a tight connection to the country's origins.
The beautiful keepsake box is a product of the great, prominent and glamorous Belleek china pottery company, regarded as the oldest of its kind in Ireland. The firm has been in existence for over a century, setting standards and being a leader in the fine china and porcelain industry. Renown for its beautiful products, Belleek has over the years been recognized by the high and mighty, including the British royals Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.
Since the company started the production of exquisite Parian porcelain in 1863, it has maintained a strict code of manufacturing unique, delicate, and exciting products that have given it an excellent reputation and recognition globally.
The basket weaving product used in the trinket box is a signature pattern in many of Belleek's products and was first developed in the 1880s, gaining prominence in the company's porcelain collection.

Product Features We Adore

Painted by Hand

Beautiful and one-of-a-kind brush strokes unique to every piece

Wickerwork Weave

Designed to resemble traditional Irish woven baskets

Heart-Shaped Box

A meaningful touch for any gift

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