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Belleek Classic Shamrock Large Oval Platter

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  • Our Belleek Classic Shamrock Large Oval Platter is an essential piece of fine china for anyone looking to make a lasting impression on guests.
  • The delicate hand-painted shamrock design is a creation of the famed Frederic Slater, who first gave us this classic look in the 1880s.
  • Each oval platter produced by Belleek Pottery passes through the hands of nearly a dozen artisans, each adding their own special touch to the piece.
  • Every Belleek Classic Shamrock Large Oval Platter is hand-made, hand-painted, and is guaranteed to become a treasured family heirloom.
  • We are pleased to offer 100% free, three-day shipping anywhere in the United States with an order of our Belleek Classic Shamrock Large Oval Platter.


Manufacturer: Belleek China

Our beautiful Belleek Classic Shamrock Large Oval Platter features a timeless basket weave pattern circling the edges of the shamrock-laden serving platter. Offering a bit of heritage and history, this special piece from Belleek Pottery will make a strong presentation for any type of meal or snack served to your guests. Whether you’re carving up a ham at Christmas or offering hors d ’oeuvres around a party, the platter is an exquisite piece of china of the highest quality offered by Belleek.

The Belleek basket weave design is one of the company’s oldest and most renowned porcelain details. First developed in the 1880s by Irish designer-craftsman Frederick Slater, the basketweave and shamrock mashup is based on historic wickerwork designs used by the Irish for hundreds of years and is said to bring good fortune and a bountiful fish harvest to those who possess it. Here, it is brought into the elegance of the modern age in refined china, making it a great addition or starting point for your Irish-themed fine china collection. Of course, the iconic shamrock designs represent one of the most iconic of Irish cultural symbols, and the delicate curves and light green leaves of these hand-painted shamrocks are immediately noticeable on the platter. It is believed that St. Patrick was the catalyst for popularizing the shamrock after his arrival to Ireland in 432 AD. He used the little plant to help the Celts understand the notion of the Christian holy trinity: the father, son, and Holy Spirit. Today, the shamrock is used to represent Ireland across the globe, and our Belleek Classic Shamrock Large Oval Platter is no exception. These shamrocks are hand-painted shamrock detailing is done by Belleek’s master artisans and each shamrock is unique to every piece shipped by the company, a tradition they have held fast to since their founding in 1857.

Located in County Fermanagh, Belleek is one of Ireland’s oldest and most treasured producers of fine china and giftware. Since the company began producing exquisite Parian porcelain beginning in the 1860s, it became a favorite of British and Irish nobility, including Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Today, Belleek Pottery has become much more of a household name among those of Irish descent or enthusiasm, due not just to the longevity of the company and the wide range of products it produces, but also because of the standard of excellence the company builds into every hand-crafted item it ships. Customers are welcome to tour the historic workshop in Ireland to watch the artisans at work first hand, but why travel all the way to Ireland when you can just pick up your own beautiful Belleek pieces at ShamrockGift? Nearly a dozen artisans add their own individual touches and expertise to a single piece, and each of these craftsmen remains wholly dedicated to the same traditions and practices of those who came before them. This is just one of the reasons we are so excited and proud to offer Belleek’s special line of shamrock-laden tea serving china sets, and our Belleek Classic Shamrock Large Oval Platter is just one piece of many for you to start building and enjoying your collection. We are also excited to offer 100% free shipping on any orders in the United States, so please do not delay in ordering your Belleek Classic Shamrock Large Oval Platter today so it arrives in time for your next family gathering or friendly get-together.

Product Features We Adore

Basket Weave Edge

Embossed design reflecting traditional Irish wickerwork patterns

Smooth Porcelain Center

Large, flat surface for refined presentation

Hand-Painted Shamrock Design

Ireland's national symbol in rich color and delicate brush strokes

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