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Traditional Craft, or “Trad Craft” for those in the know, is an indigenous Irish clothing company committed to producing the highest quality Irish casual apparel. Based in Dublin’s historic Merrion Square in the heart of the city, the successful company is best known for its considerable Irish charm and premium fabrics.

Traditional Craft Clothing for Men & Women

All Trad Craft clothing is designed and manufactured in Ireland, meaning that when you shop Traditional Craft, you’re shopping straight from the hands of Irish craftsmen whose commitment to detail, quality and perfection is unparalleled. The 100,000 square foot manufacturing plant is based in Newbridge, County Kildare, just outside of Dublin, ensuring that the production process from conception to completion is as seamless as possible.

With more than 40 years in business, it has become one of Ireland’s premier clothing manufacturers and has partnered with the likes of Guinness, Trinity College Dublin, Aer Lingus, the University of Notre Dame, Bushmills, and more, offering a singular service unmatched anywhere else on the island. Whether it’s classic rugby shirts, cute shamrock-print babywear, shirts with sassy Irish sayings, or cozy, casual athleisure, Traditional Craft has got it all. Whatever the item, when you order from this Irish manufacturer you can rest assured it is well made and built to last. Their clothing range makes for great gifts for anyone missing Ireland or Irish expats!

Traditional Irish Clothing For Kids

Traditional Craft offers a line of children’s and baby apparel and accessories, including bibs, dresses, booties, and more, so you can start your child early on their journey to Irish pride.

White Shamrock Kids Long Sleeve Baby Dress - our long sleeve dress from Traditional Craft is adorned with little green shamrocks.

White/Emerald Aop Sheep Baby Vest - this super comfy and cozy baby vest is designed with cute black and white Irish Sheep and shamrock detailing.

White Trinity Sequin Kids Long Sleeve Top - this charming ruffle sleeve top for girls is designed with Trinity College Dublin logo.

Traditional Craft Irish Design T-Shirts

Known primarily for their charming and whimsical t-shirts, Traditional Craft is beloved most by those who want to get into the festive spirit of St. Patrick’s Day.

Galway Pub Irish Tee Shirt features six distinct Galway pubs that are a must-visit for anyone heading to that beautiful city on Ireland’s west coast. It is as much a tour guide as a statement graphic tee.

World’s Tallest Leprechaun Tee - if you’re more into leprechauns than seisiuns, Traditional Craft also has you covered, with several funny leprechaun shirts, including this vivid T-Shirt, featuring the cute body of a leprechaun just under the collar, allowing you to fill in the rest.

Or, you could teach your friends Irish with the Céad Míle Fáilte tee, with the traditional Irish welcome greeting printed in authentic Gaelic lettering. Céad Míle Fáilte means one hundred thousand welcomes in Irish and is the reason the country itself is still today known as the hospitable, friendly place full of charm and camaraderie. One nickname for Ireland is indeed the land of 100,000 welcomes, so wherever you go in this fanciful tee, you can spread those just a little more broadly.

Celtic Knot T-Shirts

Other tees from Traditional Craft feature ancient Celtic symbols like the Celtic knot and the trinity spiral, both rooted in pre-Christian Gaelic artwork and later adapted into Catholic iconography in the Middle Ages by Irish monks transcribing priceless religious texts. The Celtic knot symbolizes the interconnectivity of all things in the universe, from the stars to the beetle, illustrating how woven and interdependent all forms of life are upon each other. The Trinity spiral, also known as the triskele or triskelion, is even older, dating back to pre-Grecian times, and adapted throughout the years before becoming a distinctly Irish symbol. The trinity spiral can be found in Newgrange, Ireland’s oldest and grandest megalithic construction that predates the pyramids of Giza and Stonehenge in England. It is thought to represent the three elements that pagan Irish thought formed the basis of all life: Air, Water, and Earth. Today, it combines those ancient beliefs with the Christian trinity, becoming a perfect blend of Ireland’s long history of evolving spirituality.

Shop the whole Traditional Craft clothing collection from ShamrockGift.com and spread your cheer and charm wherever you go.

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  • Traditional Craft Limited Cream Knit Emerald Shamrock Kids Jumper T7468 front ShamrockGift.com Traditional Craft Limited Cream Knit Emerald Shamrock Kids Jumper T7468 front ShamrockGift.com Traditional Craft Limited Cream Knit Emerald Shamrock Kids Jumper T7468 front ShamrockGift.com

    Ireland Green Shamrock Kids Sweater

    This awesome Irish sweater from Traditional Craft is a kid's secret weapon for chilly weather. Made from a warm and soft acrylic, we love the cream color contrasted with the cheerful green of the fluffy shamrock, which will be sure to bring your little...

  • Kids Irish Navy Crew Neck Sweater with Green Shamrock T7467 ShamrockGift.com

    Kids Irish Navy Crew Neck Sweater with Shamrock

    This awesome Irish sweater from Traditional Craft was so popular with adults, we had to have a kid's version! Made from a warm and soft acrylic, we love the navy blue base contrasted with the pretty green of the fluffy shamrock, which will be sure to...

  • Trad Craft White Trinity Sequin Kids Long Sleeve Top TRIN7000 ShamrockGift.com

    White Trinity Sequin Kids Long Sleeve Top

    Your little girl is going to love this adorable long-sleeved top from Trad Craft’s Trinity College line. The design features long sleeves, lovely ruffled shoulders, a white collar, a shiny Trinity text on the chest and a bright pink emblem. This...

  • Lansdowne Black Ireland Performance Polo R2032 Shamrockgift.com

    Lansdowne Black Ireland Performance Polo

    Whether you’re playing a pickup game with friends or heading to the weekend’s big match, you can’t go wrong with this Lansdowne Black Ireland Performance Polo. Made from durable performance fabric that transitions just as well from the...

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