Celtic Trinity Knot Small Silver Cross

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  • Sterling Silver
  • Celtic Cross
  • Trinity Knot Design
  • Handcrafted in Ireland
  • ShanOre Jewelry


Manufacturer: ShanOre Jewelry

If you love jewelry that has a sophisticated but rugged touch, then you’ll love the Celtic Trinity Knot small silver cross.

This necklace is a striking piece that combines the Celtic cross and Trinity Knot in a rustic style that beautifully shows off one’s Celtic lineage.

Crafted from bright sterling silver, this necklace pendant is a classic Celtic cross with rectangular shaped arms and stems that each feature elongated Trinity Knots.

The Celtic cross has come to be symbolic of Jesus Christ in Christianity in modern times, but before Christianity, it was used to represent various elements such as the four Celtic fire festivals and self, nature, wisdom, and the Divine in spiritual navigation.

The halo ring behind the cross is said to represent eternity or unification.

The Trinity Knot is a Celtic symbol of eternity that represents three-part relationships like Christianity’s Holy Trinity or earth, fire, and water.

This Celtic cross boasts a jagged but attractive texture that gives it a unique, charming edge.

This necklace is perfect for someone who enjoys pieces that takes a turn from the typical polished, standard jewelry blueprint.


Material Sterling Silver
Width 10 mm
Height 22 mm
Weight 2 grams
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