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Charles Gallen Ladies Handkerchief with Green Shamrocks

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  • Irish Collection from Charles Gallen 
  • 100% Irish Linen 
  • Green Floral Shamrock Embroidery 
  • Trimmed with Lace


Manufacturer: Samuel LaMont

When St. Patrick was working to convert pre-Christian Ireland to Catholicism, he used the shamrock to illustrate the idea of the holy trinity – three leaves connected to a single stem. But it wasn’t until the Celtic revival of the 18th and 19th centuries that the shamrock began to be seen as a national symbol for the island across the world.

Today, it is as Irish as the harp and can be seen everywhere Ireland is invoked, from Guinness glasses to Dublin lampposts and government buildings.

This stunning yet subtle handkerchief from Charles Gallen taps into that history with a beautifully embroidered shamrock sprig sprouting forth from the corner in vibrant green thread.

It’s the ideal accessory for anyone wishing to make a fashionable statement of Irish pride.

Made from 100% Irish linen, the handkerchief is a durable item with delicate finishes and lace trim.

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