Charles Gallen Ladies Hanky with Shamrock Design

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  • Charles Gallen Irish Collection 
  • 100% Linen 
  • Floral White Shamrock Embroidery 
  • Lace Trim


Manufacturer: Samuel LaMont

The detailing on this Charles Gallen handkerchief is so subtle it might be missed. But to the discerning eye, it transforms from a simple white hanky to a stunning representation of Irish pride.

The 100% white linen handkerchief is as durable as it is delicately designed, with lace edging and a beautifully embroidered shamrock sprig at the corner in white thread.

For centuries the shamrock has been an internationally recognized symbol of the island of Ireland, worn by Irishmen serving in the US Army as well as Irish presidents. It’s even found its way into a few Dublin lampposts.

Whether you’re looking for a way to dab your face on a hot day or you want to embellish an outfit by calling back to a more formal and decorative time, this handkerchief is the perfect accessory for elevating a look while nodding to your Irish roots.

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