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Vintage Cap Tweed - Grey Herringbone

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  • The gorgeous and stunning 18’’ silver belcher chain with a bolt ring catch that is both mesmerizing and stands out
  • The inclusion of the Claddagh design by the manufacturer pays homage to the unique, vast and rich Irish history, culture and traditions
  • The lovely piece of art comes endowed with Light Sapphire Swarovski crystals that are striking in beauty and appearance
  • The beautiful Claddagh Necklace comes with a certificate of Authenticity from Swarovski Crystals, a confidently genuine product
  • The necklace is a product of ShanOre, one of Ireland’s leading and reputable Ornaments designer and manufacturer


Manufacturer: Hanna Hats

Necklaces have been part and parcel of fashion for centuries now, with their use cutting across countries and continents. The beautiful pieces of art fashioned from different types of material comes in intricate shapes, sizes, and styles. The value of any necklace is dependent on the material used, the design and style of the piece. Necklaces are worn by all genders and cuts across all age groups, making them an essential item in any wardrobe. Generally, ladies love, adore and cherish necklaces, and are drawn to the beauty and charm of the lovely pieces of art. Our majestic and gorgeous Claddagh Necklace Embellished with Swarovski Crystals encompasses every feature any lady would die for in a pendant.
The delicate beauty of the Claddagh symbol combined with calming light sapphire Swarovski crystals creates a striking and serene pendant. The necklace is a beauty that any woman will love to wear every day.
The marvelous piece is a product of the magnificent and prestigious ShanOre Jewelry, a firm at the forefront of producing ornaments emblemed with beauty and charm. The company employs a skilled, experienced, and dedicated team of employees that focus on the production of the most exquisite, marvelous, and outstanding products.
The Claddagh Necklace features the majestic Claddagh symbol in its design. The lovely symbol, named after a fishing village in Galway, Ireland, is a remarkable part of the Irish history, culture, and traditions. The marvelous Claddagh symbol earliest mention and use are traced back to the 17th century. As an emblem expressing the definition of true friendship, the symbol features two hands representing togetherness grasping a heart of love. The stunning heart, graced with a crown of loyalty, is both unique and stylish.
The gorgeous Claddagh symbol is incorporated into a stunning circular design made of sterling silver. The lovely symbol sits at the bottom of the circle, and the friendship hands linked to a vibrant silver arc colored in blue and encrusted with gorgeous light sapphire Swarovski crystals.
The Claddagh pendant, uniquely and majestically suspended from a sterling silver chain, stands out. The chain has a captivating splash color that will attract admirers while spreading the message of loyal and loving eternal friendship.
If you are looking for the ultimate surprise gift for your family or loved ones, then consider checking out our Claddagh necklace. You can also add the beautiful piece to your wardrobe, and proudly and confidently wear it out, any day, every day.

The product specifications include the following:
Material- Sterling Silver
Weight- 4.4 grams
Width- 17.5 mm
Height- 19 mm
Main Stone- Light Sapphire Swarovski crystals
Main Stone Dimensions- 1.5 mm
Main Stone Shape- Round
Chain- 18’’ Sterling Silver Belcher, Bolt Ring Catch

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