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Classic Charm Leprechaun Keyring

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  • Classic Charm Leprechaun Keyring
  • Shamrock Gift Company Collection
  • Designed in Ireland


Manufacturer: Shamrock Gift Company

Carry the Luck of the Irish with you everywhere you go with this Classic Charm Leprechaun Keyring.

This metal keyring features three charms that each illustrate a symbol popularly associated with the Emerald Isle, and they all hang from a main charm that reads “Ireland” in green bubble letters. The first charm is a horseshoe embellished with gold glitter.

The horseshoe is a well-known symbol of good luck in Irish culture and must be kept upright to keep the luck from running out. Horseshoes are commonly featured on wedding invitations or nailed above doorframes to bring a home good luck. Next to the horseshoe is a leprechaun decked with a green-glittered top hat as he holds a pot of gold labeled “Luck of the Irish.”

Leprechauns are naughty little creatures in Irish folklore that like to store gold coins in pots hidden at the ends of rainbows. Next to the leprechaun is a shamrock flower that says “Irish Luck” in white lettering against a green glittery backdrop.

The shamrock is the national flower of Ireland and is also a symbol of good fortune.

Make this fun keyring a souvenir for a friend!

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