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December Birthstone Pendant

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  • Each December Birthstone Pendant shipped features a stunning silver Claddagh design built around a gorgeous turquoise CZ stone.
  • Every piece is handcrafted in Dublin and is officially hallmarked by the Dublin Assay Office, which has been certifying Irish-made jewelry since 1637.
  • The turquoise stone has long been treasured as a powerful love charm that protects from evil spirits, and brings success.
  • The turquoise heart held by the two hands perfectly illustrates how loyalty and friendship are rooted in hearts full of love.
  • Every December Birthstone Pendant is shipped in a precious keepsake box, adding the perfect touch to this already special gift.


Manufacturer: Solvar Jewelry

Known as a love charm that brings protection from evil spirits, the turquoise is a gemstone that many admire not just for its unique beauty but also for its deep, mysterious symbolism and history. The turquoise happens to also be the official birthstone for December, and its breathtaking color and energy truly shine in our special December Birthstone Pendant. The silver frame of this pendant effortlessly matches the icy blue hue of the heart-shaped turquoise stone sitting at the center of the open silver heart. The turquoise is accented with the iconic crown and two hands of the historic Claddagh design, illustrating how loyalty and friendship are rooted in hearts full of love. In addition to being regarded as a prized love charm and protection ward from evil spirits, the turquoise is also said to bring good fortune and success, relax the mind, and protect the wearer from physical harm. Do this wide variety of effects, the turquoise has long been treasured by cultures across the globe. We believe the turquoise gem is an ideal complement to the Claddagh, an ancient Irish symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship. Coupled together, the turquoise stone and Claddagh design make a powerful statement for a special friend or loved one in your life who has a December birthday. Historically speaking, the Claddagh is perhaps just as significant a symbol of love as the turquoise, and it also has an ancient history spanning thousands of years. First appearing in ancient Rome, an early version of the Claddagh symbolized the forming of an unbreakable pact or promise. Throughout the middle ages and Renaissance-era Europe, two hands holding a heart became a popular expression of love and were often used for engagement and wedding rings. The current iteration of the Claddagh that we recognized today is believed to have made its debut in the fishing village of Claddagh, in County Galway sometime in the 1600s. In addition to being used in wedding engagements, Claddagh rings were popular gifts between close friends or mothers and daughters who were coming of age. As the Claddagh’s popularity spread, the same treasured symbolism began to make its way into other forms of Irish jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, and more. Today we carry on the same tradition as our Irish ancestors by offering this very special December Birthstone Pendant to those who wish for a little piece of Irish history for themselves or a loved one. The icy, crystal blue of the turquoise wrapped between the glimmering silver hands are the perfect touch to any wintry outfit, and the simple yet elegant design of the pendant makes it an ideal choice for any occasion. The subtle, slim silver lines are extremely pleasing to the eye, and the pop of the turquoise gives it the perfect finishing touch. We promise those born in December will absolutely treasure this birthstone pendant for the rest of their lives, and it will doubtless become a family heirloom in its own right. The quality of the pendant’s build, coupled with the timeless design of the Claddagh hands and crown is one of the most popular items we offer, and at an affordable price and free three-day shipping, there is no reason to not order your December Celtic Birthstone Necklace today. 

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