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Silver Diamond Gold Plate Trinity Cross

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  • 18" Sterling Silver
  • Trinity Cross
  • Handcrafted in Ireland
  • ShanOre Jewelry


Manufacturer: ShanOre Jewelry

Elegant simplicity is the perfect way to describe the silver diamond gold plate Trinity cross.

The mix of brilliant sterling silver and radiant gold-plated detail in this cross creates a striking contrast that will allow both the necklace’s design and significant meaning to draw compliments.

The Celtic cross is a long-standing symbol of Celtic history that is commonly used to represent Jesus Christ in Christianity today, but it has been used to symbolize other relationships and phenomena before it was adopted into Christianity. In ancient Ireland, it is believed it was used to symbolize earth, air, fire, and water or the four directions: north, south, east, and west.

The stems and arms of this cross are crafted from sterling silver and are each accented with lovely white diamonds on their outer tips.

At the center of the cross is a gold-plated Trinity Knot, which represents eternity and three-part connections like the Holy Trinity of Christianity or the relationship between mind, body, and spirit.

This refined necklace will make a great gift for a woman who wants to honor her Christian faith and Celtic heritage.


Material Sterling Silver
Width 19 mm
Height 35 mm
Weight 2.9 grams
Diamond Caret 0.02ct
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