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Silver Emerald Set Celtic Knot Design Cross

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  • Sterling Silver
  • Celtic Knot Design
  • Celtic Cross
  • Handcrafted in Ireland
  • ShanOre Jewelry


Manufacturer: ShanOre Jewelry

Smooth, graceful lines and prominent patterns make the silver emerald Celtic Knot design cross an impressive balance between elegance and bold design.

This necklace harmoniously showcases two significant symbols in Celtic culture: the Celtic cross and Trinity Knot. Many today recognize the Celtic cross as a symbol for Jesus Christ or the Holy Trinity in Christianity, but it is believed to originally represent four-part elements like the directions of north, south, east, and west.

The halo of the cross has been said to stand for eternity or inclusion and wholeness.

The Trinity Knot is a Celtic symbol of eternity that represents three-part relationships like the triune God of the Christian Holy Trinity or the three-fold nature of the Neo-pagan Triple Goddess.

This stunning pendant is crafted from bright sterling silver and features rectangular-shaped limbs of the cross that display bold Trinity Knots.

Accenting the center of the cross is a vivid emerald-colored stone set in a gold-plated ring.

This necklace is a lovely gift for a woman who admires Celtic symbolic art or wants to honor her Celtic heritage.


Material Sterling Silver
Width 17.5 mm
Height 28 mm
Weight 1.8 grams
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