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Guinness Nostalgic Magnet 3 Pack

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  • Guinness Nostalgic Magnet 3 Pack
  • Official Guinness Merchandise
  • Designed in Ireland


Manufacturer: Guinness Store

For a fun way to celebrate the timelessness of the Guinness brand in your home, add these Guinness Nostalgic Magnets to your kitchen refrigerator!

This 3 Pack set consists of three magnets made of epoxy, and they feature past classic Guinness advertisements and a Guinness beer bottle logo in a charming distressed wood motif that creates a striking vintage flair.

One magnet features the Guinness Extra Stout bottle logo in a vibrant golden yellow color against a brown wood background, with the logo bearing the Irish harp and signature of founder Arthur Guinness in contrasting red.

Another magnet shows a replica of a memorable “Oh My GUINNESS!” ad that shows a lion chasing a zookeeper dashing a way with Guinness bottle and pint in his hands.

The third magnet beautifully shows of a “Lovely day for a GUINNESS” ad of the lovable Guinness Toucan, who is perched on a weathervane as he balances a pint of Guinness beer on his beak.

Animated and colorful, this magnet set makes a great souvenir for anyone who admires the Guinness brand!

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