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Guinness Original Flip Down Bottlecap Opener Keyring

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  • Metal Bottle Opener/Keyring
  • Bottle Cap Diameter: 1.5"
  • Length of Bottle Cap with Bottle Opener Flipped Down: 2.25"
  • Length of Keychain and Bottle Cap: 3.25"


Manufacturer: Guinness Store

This combination bottle opener/keyring is the perfect mix of utlity and style.

On the front side of this keyring is a lovely bottle cap design that shows off the Guinness logo including the iconic harp, and below the logo is the signature of Guinness founder Arthur Guinness.

On the back of the keyring is a bottle opener that flips down for convenience and efficiency.

This bottle opener/keyring is fabulous for Guinness beer lovers who are always on the go and enjoy having beers anywhere.

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