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Harp Irish Blessing Plate

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  • The mastery in the hand-painted design of the blessing plate is both unique and gorgeous, impressively laid out
  • The Irish blessing entirely inscribed on the plate is both inspiring and an eye-opener, a silent prayer 
  • The beautiful blessing plate comes perfectly packed in a Belleek Gift Box, the ultimate gift to friends or loved ones
  • The gorgeous Irish Blessing plate measures 22.6cm in diameter, large enough to be proudly displayed in the house
  • The beautiful piece is a product of the great Belleek Pottery, a pride of Ireland.


Manufacturer: Belleek China

The Irish are particularly observant of their faith, the majority of whom prophase the Christian faith. Blessings are religious messages passed in phrases, poems, or bible verses that are imprinted on artifacts and displayed in houses, offices, or places of worship. The blessings are used to pass a message, either a prayer or as a way to reaffirm one's commitment to their faith and beliefs. Blessings inscribed in artifacts is one of the most brilliant methods of combining religion and decorations. Over the years, people have embraced the use of blessings artifacts in the homes, which have added a different mix of décor and classiness. Add a little glitz and glamor to your home with our unique and intriguing Harp Irish Blessing Plate.
Homes feel cozier with a traditional Irish blessing on display, and no crafter presents Irish blessings better than Belleek Pottery with our gorgeous Harp Irish Blessing Plate that stands out, making your living space livelier and more beautiful.
The beautiful piece of art can also serve as a thoughtful gift to your friends or loved ones, a combination of prayer and home decoration.
The amazing Blessing Plate is a product of the prestigious and world renown Belleek Pottery. The company is the oldest of its kind in Ireland, manufacturing exquisite, delicate and magnificent products. Dedicated to setting and maintaining standards in the pottery industry, Belleek brings together professional, skilled, and gifted artisans to work on their products.
Belleek's hand-painted porcelain plates have been going strong since the times of Queen Victoria, who showed her admiration and love for the Belleek unique and outstanding brand. Over the years, Belleek has maintained the highest standards of production, cementing its place in the history books amongst the best excellent china and pottery manufacturing company in the world.
Belleek in the production of our beautiful Blessing Plate has seen the company retain its top spot in churning out the most impressive products.
Our lovely china plate features Belleek’s signature delicate shamrocks on a finely ridged and scalloped border that encircles an inviting country scene sitting below this famous and much-loved Irish blessing entirely inscribed;
May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the rain fall soft upon your fields
And the sun shine warm on your face
Until we meet again.
The classic image of rural Irish life in vibrant colors presented in soft lines gives this beautiful piece of art a deep connection to the dynamic and thrilling Irish traditions and lifestyle.
The designers of the Blessing plate intricately used a geometric pattern that creates a delicate texture to the lovely Blessing plate.
The use of the shamrock is a masterstroke, which remains to be one of the most easily identifiable, renown and revered symbols in Ireland, with a connection to the vast religious history of Ireland.
The outstanding artistic impressions are both beautiful to watch, the works of the genius craft from Belleek.

Product Features We Adore

Irish Country Scene

A classic image of rural Irish life in rich colors and soft lines

Hand-Embossed Edging

The geometric pattern creates a delicate texture


Shamrocks and stems lovingly rendered by master artists

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