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Verveine and Lemon Verbena Irish Perfume Fragrance


■ Verveine and lemon verbena perfume, a relaxing scent with a tropic fragrance
■ Made in Ireland, by Irish Botanicals
■ Small, easy to carry in your purse, 30 ml 



Welcome summer and be ready for vacation with our Irish Botanicals Perfume with Tropical Fragrance!

The verveine and lemon verbena scents combine perfectly in a tropical and fresh fragrance. Besides its great smell, the perfume has relaxing effects, as verveine has calming properties.

The bottle holds 30 ml - the perfume is small and practical, you can always have it in your purse or car. Additionally, it is packed in an adorable and colorful box, featuring parrots on its design to suggest the tropical vibe of the perfume.

This product was manufactured right in the heart of Ireland by Irish Botanicals.