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As we all know, an anniversary is an incredibly important occasion; a yearly opportunity to celebrate the past, present, and future with the person you’ve committed to stand by until the end of time. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to stress out about finding the perfect anniversary gift!

Irish Wedding Anniversary Gifts 


We at are so excited to bring you our extensive range of premium Irish anniversary gifts, ranging from fun to fancy, with each and every one guaranteed to help you impress your special someone, with none of the stress! Whether you and your partner have been together for five years or 50, you can bet that there’s an Irish gift in our exclusive couple’s anniversary range that’s bound to give them a surprise they’ll never forget.

Mullingar Pewter Anniversary gifts

If you’re going for a gift that emphasizes the magic of the time that you’ve spent together, look no further than our line of Mullingar Pewter picture frames. Exuding elegance from top to bottom, these frames come in a large range of sizes and are silver-toned in color, making them versatile enough to match furniture, wall color, and other picture frames of any color or material in your home. Place one of your favorite photographs of you and your partner inside the frame, and watch them melt when you hand it over on your special day. There really is nothing like the sweet memories of a wonderful life built together to bring a smile to your face! For something a little more practical in nature, but still oozing elegance, surprise your beloved with a pair of crystal and Pewter Claddagh champagne flutes. Made from exquisite hand-cut crystal and gleaming pewter, these flutes are made in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath in Ireland by Mullingar Pewter’s expert team of pewter craftspeople. Each piece bears the likeness of the iconic Claddagh emblem on its glass: a heart, representing love, held by a pair of hands, representing friendship, and covered by a crown, representing loyalty. These three values are essential elements of any happy relationship, so celebrate your success when the two of you toast to the past and future alike with these gorgeous flutes.

Celtic Jewelry for Women

Of course, for the woman in your life, you can never go wrong with jewelry. For this special occasion, we recommend choosing a piece that draws attention to the love you share, like one of our Celtic-style heart-shaped pendants. Made with only the highest-quality precious metals, these stunning pieces are patterned with several different variations on the Celtic knot, one of the oldest elements of Irish artwork on record. In particular, seek out the continuous, ladder-like eternity knot, said by many to have once represented the power of everlasting love to the Celtic people.

Celtic Jewelry for Men

Alternatively, for your darling husband, give the gift of a classic pair of Irish cufflinks, which he’s guaranteed to love wearing on your next date night. We love the Guinness line, which features many iconic symbols of the beloved stout brand, including its colorful toucan mascot! Easy to attach to any suit jacket, these cufflinks add an instant touch of character and fun to a gentleman’s ensemble, no matter what occasion he might be dressing for.

Excited to make your anniversary this year the most special it’s ever been? After all, no romantic gesture is too big for the love of your life -- so get browsing our range of Irish anniversary gifts, and prepare to make your special someone’s year with a touch of the beautiful Emerald Isle!

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  • CB-HCM-01 Scottish Thistle Porcelain Mug

    Scottish Thistle Porcelain Mug

    Embrace the Scottish spirit with this adorable Scottish Thistle Porcelain Mug! Our mug is the ideal gift from Scotland, being both very practical and truly charming, with its meaningful Scottish Thistle design. The Scottish Thistle is a purple wild...

  • CB-HCM-03 Highland Cow Porcelain Mug

    Highland Cow Porcelain Mug

    The cultural design, together with the uniqueness and simplicity of Highland Cow Porcelain Mug, makes it perfect to give to a loved one for any special occasion, and it is sure to impress. Made out of shiny-looking and durable porcelain, this mug is made...

  • Sale
    Solvar Gold Trinity Charm Bangle S5751/G Solvar Gold Trinity Charm Bangle S5751/G Close Up Solvar Gold Trinity Charm Bangle S5751/G Box

    Gold Trinity Charm Bangle

    A beautifully crafted antique style bangle with gold plating. The four charms feature Celtic motifs, such as the Celtic triple spiral, or triskele, a shamrock and a Trinity knot. A versatile and perfect gift. The bracelet is specially...

    Was: $21.95
    Now: $10.98
  • Irish Three Leafed Shamrock Wall Plaque Close Up Irish Three-Leafed Bronze Plated Wall Plaque Irish Three-Leafed Shamrock Plaque Enclosure

    Irish Three-Leafed Shamrock Plaque

    Plaques, otherwise known as plates, are artistic artifacts usually inscribed with a message in terms of prayer or blessing. Plaques are adequately used for decorative purposes, especially to the people who appreciate and value art and ornaments. In...

  • Wild Goose Studio Claddagh Bronze Ornament S730

    Wild Goose Irish Claddagh Bronze Ornament

    This beautiful Irish Claddagh Bronze Ornament from Wild Goose Studio is a perfect gift for anyone this season. The ornament showcases one of Ireland’s most beloved symbols, the Claddagh, representing love, loyalty and friendship with its heart,...

  • Royal Tara Old Irish Blessing Plaque In a Box CS-0084-10 Royal Tara Old Irish Blessing Plaque In a Box Close Up CS-0084-10 Royal Tara Old Irish Blessing Plaque In a Box Close Up CS-0084-10

    Old Irish Blessing Plaque

    This gorgeous bronze plaque from Royal Tara truly shows off the beauty of Irish blessings with radiant bronze plating and stunning Celtic artwork. Featured in a charming script is one of the most famous and loved Irish blessings: "May the road rise to...

  • Bronze Plated Claddagh Ring Plaque Close Up Bronze Plated Claddagh Ring Plaque Love Loyalty Friendship Claddagh Ring Plaque Emblem Bronze Plated Claddagh Ring Plaque Box

    Bronze Plated Claddagh Ring Plaque

    One can appreciate a true work of art and craftsmanship by admiring the detail of a piece. It has the ability and presence to make a statement of who you are and what brings meaning to your life. Bring warmth to your home with the message of love,...

  • Cross of Hope Plaque CS-0084-5 Cross of Hope Plaque Close Up Cross of Hope Plaque Matte White Background

    Cross of Hope Plaque

    The cross symbol has a lot of significance and meaning to the people who prophase the Christian faith. In existence for over a century now, the Christian cross symbols are, in many instances, likened to Jesus' crucifixion. Today, the cross symbol is held...

  • Royal Tara Tartan Cow Cup & Teabag Holder CL-TeaSet28

    Tartan Cow Cup & Teabag Holder

    A thoughtful gift that marks Scotland through the adorable Highland Cow, our Tartan Cow Cup & Teabag Holder Set will find its place in every kitchen, bringing a spark of Scottish culture into the atmosphere. The long horns and red, fluffy fur are...

  • Cead Mile Failte Plaque CS-0084-6 Celtic Cead Mile Failte Close Up Cead Mile Failte Plaque Enclosure Box

    Celtic Cead Mile Failte Plaque

    What better way to brighten your living room space than with artistic, picturesque, and gorgeous Irish plaque? Plaques, otherwise referred to as plates, are symbols of beauty, style, and class, and are common interior home decoration, a common sight in...

  • St Brigid's Cross Plaque St Brigid's Cross Plaque Close Up St Brigid's Cross Plaque In Box

    St Brigid's Cross Plaque

    This elegant bronze-plated wall plaque from Royal Tara features one of the most famous and adored Irish symbols, St. Brigid's Cross. Brigid was a Celtic goddess associated with fire. When Christianity came to Ireland, Brigid became one of Ireland’s...

11 of 11 Items