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When we welcome a new bundle of joy into the world, it’s essential to do so in a way that reflects the wonderful heritage they’ve been born into. That’s why we at have curated a top-notch range of Irish baby gifts that will make the ultimate splash at baby showers, birthdays, or any other special occasion!

Unique Irish Baby gifts 


From playful to practical, our catalog covers all of the bases for babies with ties to the Emerald Isle -- and what’s more, any selection from it is guaranteed to be a big hit with the parents, too! All our products are made of High-Quality Materials and Designed with Traditional Irish Symbols and Motifs for authenticity.

Irish Baby Blankets

Take, for example, our large line of luxurious Irish wool baby blankets. Soft and visually stunning, these hand-woven have “future family heirloom” written all over them! Not only are they ideal for wrapping baby up snug and warm when the winter winds howl, but they also double as the perfect barrier between sensitive skin and scratchy grass when letting him or her play outside during the summer. As for the material of the blankets themselves, you can have full confidence in their 100% Irish merino wool weave -- it’s incredibly soft yet surprisingly durable, and non-irritating for even the most crash-prone of baby skin. All of our Irish baby blankets are made using traditional stitch patterns from the Aran Islands, which lie off the country’s western coasts. The stitches were first employed by the wives of the island fishermen, when they made cozy yet sturdy knit sweaters to keep their husbands warm and safe while they worked out at sea. Channel this beautiful protective energy when you gift the special little someone in your life with an Aran blanket they’ll never want to part with! If you love traditional Irish Aran knit pieces, but we're thinking more along the lines of baby clothes as a gift, rest assured that a vast range of our collection’s wearables also employs this classic stitch. We have everything from comfy Crew neck sweaters to so-cute-you-could-squeal pinafores, teeny-weeny baby booties to perfect little hats, and more! 

Irish Baby Onesies

For the family who holds the world of sport close to their hearts, consider snapping up one of our premium-quality Lansdowne baby onesies. Like all of the other expertly-made onesies in our baby clothing range, these rompers are made from soft but wear-resistant cotton, featuring snap-button closures along the legs for easy dressing and removal. However, what makes them stand out is their striking likeness to the jerseys worn by the official Irish rugby team! Babies will look absolutely darling in these wide green-and-white horizontal stripes, complemented by an embroidered three-shamrock shield (the team’s official emblem) over the heart. And who knows -- this might just be the purchase that sets the stage for baby’s lifelong love of sports. 

Irish soft toys

And speaking of lifelong: be sure not to pass over our ample selection of Ireland-themed soft toys, any one of which could become the little man or madam of the hour’s very first best friend in a snap of the fingers. It’s not difficult to see why, either -- with friendly faces and soft, colorful bodies, this lovable bunch are cute as a bag of buttons. Coming in a vast array of sizes and characters (we’ve got everything from Goofy Leprechaun Soft Toys, to Bashful Sheep toys, to classic, shamrock-toting Teddy bears), there’s no denying that our soft toys are utterly irresistible -- and you can bet that baby will think so, too! 

Have we stoked your inspiration for the perfect Irish baby gift for an upcoming arrival, or a celebration of the smallest (but most special) lad or lassie in your life? Then dive right into our gigantic catalogue, where plenty more wonderful ideas await. Finding the perfect present for the sweet little star in your life has never been so easy.


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