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Passionate about cooking or not, we all spend a significant amount of our time in the kitchen.. and we know that Irish food is one of the best ones in the world - especially as it can bring you right back to your childhood.
The Irish people value their food and drinks and, with this in mind, we meticulously created our Irish Kitchen decor selection. Here, you will find a large range of both useful and charming Irish kitchen gifts and products that will make a great addition to your kitchen: Irish tea towels, Irish mugs, plates, Irish pottery, ceramic, tea sets, tea and many more. This is the one place for everything you need for your kitchen!

Authentically Designed Irish Kitchen Decor 

Besides crafting our products with care and the highest quality materials, we also like to add a drop of Irish spirit. Therefore, we also provide a wide range of vivid designs, the perfect Irish kitchen decor! From authentic Celtic motifs, to the timeless shamrock, you will find everything that brings you back to Ireland. This way, you can decorate your kitchen with Irish spirit and cherish your culture through daily habits or chores. You can also set up the best table for meals, either day-to-day family dinners or certain celebrations, as we provide several sets of Irish tableware.
Combining functionality with style and Irish culture, our collection opens the door for finding the perfect Irish kitchen gifts for your friends and family. There is something for everyone - surprise your mom for Mother’s Day or let a friend know you’re wishing them well, with a lovely new-home gift! It is guaranteed that they will find our highly absorbent cotton tea towels very useful or will enjoy sipping their coffee, tea or even whiskey from one of our superb handmade pottery mugs. The possibilities are truly endless.

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  • CB-set2 Highland Cow Mug and Coaster Set

    Highland Cow Mug and Coaster Set

    Impress all of your guests while honoring your Scottish heritage with our Highland Cow Mug and Coaster Set. This set contains one mug, made out of porcelain, and a coaster that is made out of hardboard and coated with a glossy coat. The materials used...

  • CB-set1 Scottish Thistle Mug and Coaster Set

    Scottish Thistle Mug and Coaster Set

    Surprise your loved one with a present full of Scottish Spirit! Our Scottish Thistle Mug and Coaster Set is the ideal new-home gift, but also fit for a wide range of other occasions, such as weddings or Christmas. The set contains two pieces: a porcelain...

  • GA-PT1000-BLU Celtic Cross Pottery Beer Mug

    Celtic Cross Pottery Beer Mug

    If you love finely crafted ceramic mugs, our beautiful mug will be perfect for you. It is made of high-quality stoneware that is incredibly sturdy and durable. It features a detailed and meaningful Celtic cross design. The Celtic cross is an essential...

  • GA-PT1002-BLK Scotland Stoneware Beer Mug

    Scotland Stoneware Beer Mug

    Whether you’re looking for a new coffee mug or an impressive beer mug, our Scotland Stoneware Beer Mug is perfect for you. The mug has a capacity of 16.9 oz, making it a good size for any kind of beverage. Hand crafted from high quality stoneware,...

  • GA-PT1003-BLK Scottish Piper Pottery Mug

    Scottish Piper Pottery Mug

    Bring Scotland closer to you with this Scottish Piper Pottery Mug. This Scottish mug is made of sturdy stoneware, promising to reliably last for years and add a sense of comfort to your favorite hot beverages. Apart from its great durability, our mug is...

  • GA-PT1010-BLK Highland Cow Stoneware Mug

    Highland Cow Stoneware Mug

    Embrace the Scottish spirit with this charming Highland Cow Stoneware Mug. Our mug carries an authentic feeling, being 100% designed in Scotland. This product is made of sturdy stoneware, which is microwave and dishwasher safe and promises long-lasting...

  • GA-PT1015-RED Scotland Piper Stoneware Beer Mug

    Scotland Piper Stoneware Beer Mug

    This gorgeous beer mug is both practical and stylish. It is made from high-quality stoneware, a material that is not very frequently used for making mugs, but it is one of the most durable and chip-resistant materials out there. However, the design is...

  • GA-PT1016-RED Slainte Math Pottery Beer Mug

    Slainte Math Pottery Beer Mug

    Get ready to drink your coffee from our Slainte Math Pottery Beer Mug and celebrate your Scottish heritage every day. This mug is made out of high quality stoneware and ready to last you a long time. It is chip resistant, stain proof, microwave and...

  • Royal Tara Tea Set of 2 CL-TeaSet55

    Welsh Brew tea Set of 2

    Either during chilly mornings, snowy nights or cozy tea-parties alongside friends or family, our Tea Set of Two fits the scenery, filling the atmosphere with Welsh tea-leaves smell and flavor. The stand-out design perfectly combines Welsh culture...

9 of 9 Items