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Royal Tara is a top name in exquisite fine bone china for tables and giftware since starting over 50 years ago in Galway, Ireland. Their luxury ceramics are delicately hand-painted with some of the most beautiful Celtic designs, Irish Designs (Celtic crosses, Trinity Knots, etc.), and often feature famous Irish blessings. Perfect for a special gift for anyone from or missing Ireland!

Traditional Irish Mugs Made in Ireland

When you buy Royal Tara bone china, you’re not just buying a mug or plate. You’re buying a piece of Irish history. Please browse Shamrock Gift’s ceramics section to see cups, Irish plaques, wall hangings, decorative ornaments & more!

Irish Claddagh Mugs

Among the exquisite items in this Celtic Ceramics selection are pieces like Claddagh Ring Mug - Irish Weave or Claddagh Ring Mug Set by Royal Tara that beautifully display the Irish Claddagh emblem.
There are multiple accounts that explain how the Claddagh came to be, but according to one legend, an Irishman named Richard Joyce created the first Claddagh in a ring design to honor his beloved who loyally waited for his return to Ireland after he was held in bondage for many years in a distant land. Another story claims that the Claddagh came to be through a woman named Margaret Joyce who wedded a wealthy Spaniard named Domingo de Rona in the 1500s. She became a rich widow when he passed away, and she used her wealth to build bridges in the Irish province of Connacht. For her generosity, an eagle dropped a Claddagh ring into her lap as a reward. The Claddagh’s message is a universal one that expresses the value of love, loyalty, and friendship. It is is made of two hands representing friendship, and they unite to hold a heart symbolizing love. Decorating the top of the heart is a crown signifying loyalty.

Celtic Cross Mugs

For those who are religious and also want to recognize their Celtic heritage, there are a few pieces that feature the Celtic Cross like:
Irish Celtic High Cross Mug Set- this hand-painted mug set features the High Cross surrounded by a tapestry of Celtic Knot braid patterns.
Celtic Cross Pottery Mug- this forest green pottery mug comes with a glossy sheen and a sturdy composition which is sure to last long time.
Ireland Cross Mug Set- this mug set includes intricate designs of richly-colored Celtic knot work, as well as a wonderfully-detailed Celtic Cross in shades of red, blue, green, and off-white.

The Celtic Cross, over time, became heavily associated with Christianity in modern times, but it is believed to be an evolution of the Sun Cross, which was used to honor Taranis, the god of thunder in Gaelic culture. The halo of the cross was believed to originally be a wheel and the cross itself a thunderbolt, which were the two objects Taranis would hold in his hands in ancient illustrations. Ancient Celts also used the cross’s four limbs to signify Divine, self, wisdom, and nature, the four arms of deeper spiritual knowledge, with the halo representing unification and wholeness. They also used the four limbs to symbolize the four cardinal directions of north, south, east, and west.

Irish Blessing Gifts

Some other items that will add some lovely Irish culture to your home are those that feature Irish greetings, sayings, and blessings.
The Royal Tara Ceramic Failte Mug wonderfully displays the Irish Gaelic word “failte,” which means “welcome.”
The Irish Slainte Mug Set features the very famous saying of “Slainte,” which is pronounced “SLAN-chƏ” and means “good health” in Irish Gaelic. This saying is frequently said when people are making a toast at celebratory gatherings from weddings to holiday parties. Irish blessings are some of the most heartwarming messages to send to a loved one.
Harp Irish Blessing Plate features Irish craft hand-painted shamrocks and a sea shell-scalloped border, presents the famous Irish blessing “May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the rain fall soft upon your fields and the sunshine warm upon your face until we meet again.”

Whether you’re looking for something to add style, elegance, and culture to your home or a thoughtful housewarming gift for a friend or family member, Shamrock Gift’s selection of Irish Ceramics items will have something just for you or that special person!

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  • CB-HCM-03(setof2) Highland Cow Porcelain 2 Mugs Set

    Highland Cow Porcelain 2 Mugs Set

    Bring Scotland’s wild landscapes closer to you with this Highland Cow Porcelain 2 Mugs Set. This set consists of two identical mugs that are beautifully crafted with porcelain, a highly durable and strong material that is chip resistant. Inspired...

  • CB-HCM-01(setof2) Scottish Thistle 2 Mugs Set

    Scottish Thistle 2 Mugs Set

    Start your morning with a delicious cup of your favorite brew in our gorgeous and practical mug! The mug is made of porcelain, a lightweight yet strong material that is also non-reactive, meaning that it will not interfere with the flavor of your drink...

  • Royal Tara Scottish Thistle Tea Set CL-TeaSet23

    Scottish Thistle Tea Set

    The mornings are always brighter when you can have a nice and refreshing cup of aromatic tea. If drinking tea for breakfast is your routine, make the experience even more enjoyable with this amazing Scottish Thistle Tea Set. It contains a mug and a tea...

  • Royal Tara Welsh Daffodil Cup Set CL-TeaSet19

    Welsh Daffodil Cup Set

    Whether it's a regular morning, a family dinner or a special occasion, this Welsh Daffodil Cup Set is going to add a little Celtic touch that will make things truly special. The Welsh daffodil also called the Welsh Leek or Peter's Leek is the beloved...

  • Royal Tara Shamrock Teapot and Irish Blessing Mug Set CL-TeaSet46

    Shamrock Teapot and Irish Blessing Mug Set

    Bring a spark of Irish culture in your home with the beloved Shamrock Teapot and Irish Blessing Mug Set.Made with premium and high quality products, this set will make every tea cup feel special, as the mug depicts an Irish Blessing in the ancient style...

  • Royal Tara 2 Scottish Cups Tea Set CL-TeaSet15

    2 Scottish Cups Tea Set

    Make your mornings brighter with this lovely Scottish tea set. One of the mugs features a Scottish Thistle design and the other one features a Rampant Lion design. Both of these are national emblems of Scotland, so these two mugs will bring a nice touch...

  • Royal Tara Welsh Set with 2 Cups and Tea CL-TeaSet24

    Welsh Set with 2 Cups and Tea

    Start your morning or end your day with a nice cup of Welsh brew tea! This wonderful tea can be truly enjoyed if you drink it out of our special Welsh cups. This lovely set features 2 beautifully designed cups: one with a Welsh dragon design and the...

  • Royal Tara Tartan Cow 2 Cups and Teabag Holder	CL-TeaSet17

    Tartan Cow 2 Cups and Teabag Holder

    This beautiful set of 2 cups and a tea bag holder is the perfect addition to a Scottish home. The set is crafted with the finest Bone China, being durable and high quality. The scottish mug can hold 13 fluid ounces, or 380 milliliters, being large enough...

  • Royal Tara Daffodil Set with 2 cups CL-TeaSet22

    Daffodil Set with 2 cups

    If you're looking for a new set of mugs for your home, here's a lovely Daffodil Set with 2 cups and a tea bag holder for you. The eye-catching design features the daffodil, which is the national symbol of Wales, and also Celtic Knot details that...

9 of 9 Items