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Failte Door Knocker

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■ Beautiful Pewter Doorknocker with Oval Wood Base that is stunning and easily identifiable even from a distance
■ The pewter door knocker size is approximately 8 inches in length and 3.5 inches in width

■ The marvelous doorknocker is a product of the prestigious Mullingar Pewter company, one of the finest of its kind in Ireland

■ The elaborate design of the door knocker incorporates the use of Celtic Trinity Knot which gives it a deep connection to the Irish traditions

■ The wordings on the beautiful door knocker are artistically displayed with an Irish Gaelic touch


The door is the first thing that a guest passes through and notices when they come visiting. Many people make efforts to style their doors with remarkable and outstanding features, to impress on their guests. A door knocker is an essential door part that comes in a variety of elaborate and impressive artistic designs that stand out. The door knocker is the first thing the guest will knock on before the door is opened for them when they arrive. Our lovely Failte Door Knocker fits the bill of a beautiful, classy and stylish piece of art that will bring the best out of your home. If you are looking to give your guests an Irish welcome at your doorstep, then our charming Failte Door Knocker is the ultimate choice.

The skilled artisans fashion the beautiful piece from Mullingar Pewter in Ireland, a company in its select league. Give life to your outdoor space by installing the lovely piece of out that stands out even from a distance. The piece is a little marvel that adds an element of art, surprise, class, and style to any door. Add some charming style and culture to your front door with this festive doorknocker! Mullingar Pewter company is a prestigious and magnificent manufacturing company whose popularity spreads far and wide. Located in Ireland, the family-owned company came into existence in 1974. For decades now, Mullingar Pewter has fashioned its name in the stone of history for churning out some of the most durable, reliable, and exquisite ornamental products. The design and style of the products incorporate the use of ancient casting methods.

The product assembly also involves the use of intricate hand-finishing that are striking in beauty and unique. All the products from the company are lead-free, making them environmentally safe. The longevity of products from Mullingar Pewter makes it possible for them to be handed from generation to generation. The lovely door knocker is a product of pewter and sets on a 9-inch broad, black oval-shaped wood base. Clearly and elaborately displayed across the center of the door knocker in a Celtic font is “Failte” meaning “welcome” in Irish Gaelic.

One of the most outstanding features of the door knocker is the beautiful Celtic Trinity Knot on the knocker handle. The use of the Celtic Trinity Knot pays homage to the Irish history. The design of the door knocker includes a brilliant matte finish that stands out from a distance. The absolute stunning doorknocker will wow and impress on your guest every time they come visiting.