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Irish Pewter Door Knockers

Introduce any one of these beautiful door knockers to your home’s front entrance, and we can promise that you’ll never look back. These pieces are solidly-made and finished to exquisite standards -- and while the above-mentioned class system may be a thing of the past, both you and your callers are sure to feel as sophisticated as can be from the moment they’re set into place! The pewter detailing on these handsome door knockers attracts the eye, and will easily transform any modern, traditional, or even outdated and ancient door into one with an abundance of presence and purpose.

Known for its charming gleam and reliable durability, pewter has a pleasing weight against the hand and is a timeless choice for metalworkers. Each and every door knocker in our collection bears a finish by a skilled artisan, ensuring that the pewter is smooth and pristine, creating an overall look that’s undeniably fetching. All of these knockers are very traditional Irish pewter pieces, crafted by experts at the Mullingar Pewter company, who reintroduced the ancient craft of pewter work relatively recently, in 1974. It’s essential to note that pewter is also the traditional material used in gifts for a married couple’s 10th wedding anniversary -- so why not surprise your spouse with a creative improvement to the front door of the home you have built together?

Irish Blessing Door Knockers & Plaques

In our extensive door knocker range, there are a plethora of design choices. Browse our catalogue and find beautiful door knockers that feature greetings in the Irish tongue, such as Céad Míle Fáilte, which directly translates to “One Hundred Thousand Welcomes,” commonly used among native speakers. Look no further than these delightful door knockers:
Failte Door Knocker- this beautiful door knocker displays the Gaelic Failte and incorporates the use of Celtic Trinity Knot which gives it a deep connection to the Irish traditions.
Claddagh Cead Mile Failte Door Plaque- this wall plaque is one of the most beautiful pieces of Celtic art that you can display in your home.
Shamrock Cead Mile Failte Plaque- this Celtic plaque shows off the Cead Mile Failte Irish greeting framed by elegant Celtic knots and accented with three charming shamrocks for some luck.

Irish Claddagh Door Knockers

Claddagh symbol, made famous by the Galway-born rings of the same name which bears a heart, representing love, a pair of helpful hands, representing friendship, and a crown, representing loyalty.
Our oval-shaped Claddagh Door Knocker will add warmth and personality to any home. This door knocker is made of lead-free, tarnish-resistant pewter in a radiant matte finish.

Celtic Knot Door Knockers

Or, if you hold Ireland’s Celtic roots close to your heart, consider broadcasting it to the world with one of our Celtic knot door knockers. The Celtic knot has been a mainstay in the finest of Irish artwork for thousands of years and is an excellent signifier of pride in Ireland’s ancient creative traditions.

If you are looking for a gift that speaks of pure quality and is built to last, then this range will certainly satisfy any and all of your needs. Such intricate detail is after all, impossible to beat, making these door knockers a set of truly elegant and traditionally Irish specimens, both in terms of design and the materials they are constructed from. So pick one of Irish Door Knockers, and bring a dose of Irish charm to your front door today!

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    Ireland Plaque CS-0084-1 Ireland Plaque Close Up CS-0084-1

    Ireland Plaque

    Plaques or plates come in different shapes, sizes, fashioned out of a variety of material. Many plates come inscribed with unique messages that define and distinguish every piece. The irish people value and appreciate plaques, and are one of the most...

    Was: $33.95
    Now: $16.98
  • Irish Three Leafed Shamrock Wall Plaque Close Up Irish Three-Leafed Bronze Plated Wall Plaque Irish Three-Leafed Shamrock Plaque Enclosure

    Irish Three-Leafed Shamrock Plaque

    Plaques, otherwise known as plates, are artistic artifacts usually inscribed with a message in terms of prayer or blessing. Plaques are adequately used for decorative purposes, especially to the people who appreciate and value art and ornaments. In...

  • A True Irish Home Blessing Plaque Irish Home Blessing Matte Close Up Irish Home Blessing Glossy Close Up Glossy A True Irish Home Blessing Plaque

    A True Irish Home Blessing Plaque

    Blessings are forms of prayers, well-wishes or a message of hope common in Ireland, especially to the majority that prophase the Christian religion. The Irish are particularly a religious and pious people, and they try to exemplify their faith in their...

  • Wild Goose Studio Claddagh Bronze Ornament S730

    Wild Goose Irish Claddagh Bronze Ornament

    This beautiful Irish Claddagh Bronze Ornament from Wild Goose Studio is a perfect gift for anyone this season. The ornament showcases one of Ireland’s most beloved symbols, the Claddagh, representing love, loyalty and friendship with its heart,...

  • Wild Goose Studio S729 St Brigid's Cross Hanging Ornament

    St Brigid's Cross Hanging Ornament

    This beautiful St Brigid's Cross Hanging Ornament from Wild Goose Studio is a perfect gift for anyone this season. The ornament showcases one of Ireland’s most beloved symbols of rebirth and rejuvenation, St. Brigid’s Cross. This unique cross...

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    Close Up Irish Blessing Nostalgia Metal Sign 21x15cm Irish Blessing Nostalgia Metal Sign 21x15cm

    Irish Blessing Nostalgia Metal Sign 21x15cm

    Give your home warm well wishes with this Irish Blessing Nostalgia Metal Sign. This sign comes in a rounded rectangular shape and is made of metal, so it can be displayed indoors or outdoors. Featured on this sign is a famous Irish blessing...

    Was: $11.95
    Now: $5.98
  • Royal Tara Old Irish Blessing Plaque In a Box CS-0084-10 Royal Tara Old Irish Blessing Plaque In a Box Close Up CS-0084-10 Royal Tara Old Irish Blessing Plaque In a Box Close Up CS-0084-10

    Old Irish Blessing Plaque

    This gorgeous bronze plaque from Royal Tara truly shows off the beauty of Irish blessings with radiant bronze plating and stunning Celtic artwork. Featured in a charming script is one of the most famous and loved Irish blessings: "May the road rise to...

  • Wild Goose Studio Shamrock Hanging Decoration S723

    Irish Shamrock Hanging Decoration

    This beautiful Irish Shamrock Hanging Decoration from Wild Goose Studio is a perfect gift for anyone this season. The shamrock is Ireland’s most beloved national symbol, representing the Catholic Trinity as well as the ancient Celtic trinity of...

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    Robert Emmet Company Small Brass Claddagh Hook Set RE1944

    Small Brass Claddagh Hook Set

    Accent your home with this set of Small Brass Claddagh Hooks from the Robert Emmet Company. Perfect for a bathroom, bedroom, or closet, these hooks will add lovely Irish charm wherever you mount them. The Claddagh ring itself comes from the Claddagh area...

    Was: $42.45
    Now: $25.77
  • Bronze Plated Claddagh Ring Plaque Close Up Bronze Plated Claddagh Ring Plaque Love Loyalty Friendship Claddagh Ring Plaque Emblem Bronze Plated Claddagh Ring Plaque Box

    Bronze Plated Claddagh Ring Plaque

    One can appreciate a true work of art and craftsmanship by admiring the detail of a piece. It has the ability and presence to make a statement of who you are and what brings meaning to your life. Bring warmth to your home with the message of love,...

  • Cross of Hope Plaque CS-0084-5 Cross of Hope Plaque Close Up Cross of Hope Plaque Matte White Background

    Cross of Hope Plaque

    The cross symbol has a lot of significance and meaning to the people who prophase the Christian faith. In existence for over a century now, the Christian cross symbols are, in many instances, likened to Jesus' crucifixion. Today, the cross symbol is held...

  • Royal Tara St Brigids Cross Ornament CS-0084-36

    St Brigids Cross Ornament

    Add elegance and Irish culture to your home with this St. Brigid’s cross ornament! This ornament is handcrafted with a bronze finish that gives it a radiant, sophisticated shine that will add distinction and style to any living room. This ornament...

  • Cead Mile Failte Plaque CS-0084-6 Celtic Cead Mile Failte Close Up Cead Mile Failte Plaque Enclosure Box

    Celtic Cead Mile Failte Plaque

    What better way to brighten your living room space than with artistic, picturesque, and gorgeous Irish plaque? Plaques, otherwise referred to as plates, are symbols of beauty, style, and class, and are common interior home decoration, a common sight in...

  • St Brigid's Cross Plaque St Brigid's Cross Plaque Close Up St Brigid's Cross Plaque In Box

    St Brigid's Cross Plaque

    This elegant bronze-plated wall plaque from Royal Tara features one of the most famous and adored Irish symbols, St. Brigid's Cross. Brigid was a Celtic goddess associated with fire. When Christianity came to Ireland, Brigid became one of Ireland’s...

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