Ladies Knit Shirt Tail Cowl Neck Wool Sweater

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  • It is 100% soft merino wool, a cosy texture that gives the sweater a subtle, smooth touch and comes in Natural, a beautiful calm colour blending in with the cold season.
  • Patch pockets to keep your hands in and stay classy and warm.
  • Available in various sizes, from size S to size XL to pick from, comfortably fitting you no matter your body size.
  • The cowl neck, perfectly designed to keep your neck area and chest warm throughout the cold spells. This design also gives the sweater a classy and stylish look


Manufacturer: Aran Crafts

If you are looking for a product that will help you to be cool and casual yet polished and graceful especially during the cold spells, you will not go wrong with the Ladies Knit Shirt Tail Cowl Neck Wool Sweater. This sweater gives you comfort, keeps you warm while at the same time giving you a trendy and stylish unique look to admire.
This elegant and trendy sweater is crafted from pure Merino wool in a neutral-toned natural shade. It shines with a tapestry of gorgeous Aran stitching that includes an array of twisted cable ropes and honeycomb patterns. The intricate stitching gives the sweater a unique outlook carefully and beautifully designed to provide you with that fantastic look. The design and style of the sweater originate from the traditional rich Irish culture that has been around for generations, giving it that delicate Irish touch.
The sweater is designed to keep the neck warm with its distinguished high cowl neck collar with cream button accents. The button accents add instant elegance to the sweater, while the honeycomb pockets will cover your hands, insulating you from the cold weather and providing you with absolute comfort.
An additional unique touch to this seater is the shirt tail at the hem. This shirttail creates a laid-back lounge look that beautifully balances out the stateliness of the cowl neck, giving the sweater a comfortable feature.
You can comfortably rock this gorgeous sweater indoors or outdoors as you go about your business. The sweater gives you a classy and stylish look, and you will be a marvel to your friends, family and even strangers when you go out rocking it.
You can include accessories like a matching natural Aran knit cap and add a blue pair of jeans to give you that complete unique look.
The sweater comes in various sizes, from the small, medium and large scale, to fit you correctly irrespective of your body type or size. The available sizes range from size S to XL
The sweater has impressive features that has made it to be catchy and sought after by many people in this line of Aran sweaters, especially during the cold season.

Product Features We Adore

Cowl Neck

Bold cowl neck collar with buttons that adds a refined touch

Patch Pockets

Darling patch pockets keep hands warm

Shirt Tail Hem

Shirt tail styled hem that creates laid-back, tapered look

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