Ladies Single Button Irish Aran Cardigan

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  • Our marvelous Ladies Single Button Irish Aran Cardigan comes in Soft Grey and Navy colors 
  • Comes from 100% super-soft pure Merino wool from Ireland that offers comfort and warmth and has a smooth texture on touch
  • The sweaters are available in various sizes, from S to XL, and you can select your perfect fit corresponding to your body size
  • Designed with the beautiful and intricate Aran Cable stitching that makes the outfit unique and original to wear
  • The one button front gives the cardigan its definition and uniqueness, making it trendy, stylish, and classy, standing out from the rest


Manufacturer: Aran Crafts

Ladies fashion wear is ever evolving, with designers, stylist, and outfit manufacturers coming up with new brands clothes that are up to date with the trends of the day. Some of the unique and original outfits that are arguably ahead of the times are the winter wears. To remain stylish, classy, and trendy during the cold season, it requires a bold, unique, and authentic outfit that stands out from the rest. Flattering and polished, our Ladies Single Button Irish Aran Cardigan is a charming and finely crafted sweater. Our Irish Aran Cardigan offers a modern and relaxed look that boasts a sharp, tailored style with prominent lapels that are unique and beautiful. The sweater is one of the coolest outfits that combines comfort, style, and warmth, keeping the cold at bay throughout. Style and design Our fantastic piece comes from 100% super-soft pure Merino wool, an origin of Ireland. The soft and smooth texture of the Merino wool provides a luxurious touch and feel to the sweater, as it keeps you warm and comfortably tucked in far away from the slithering cold. The single-button fastener is both cute and practical, and can easily be adjusted depending on the weather, sheltering you from the chilling cold. The prominent lapels offer a modern, stylish and composed feminine look, giving our marvelous cardigan a touch of class. Aran traditions The designers of the gorgeous sweater have incorporated the use of the intricate, unique, and authentic Aran patterns in the style of the cardigan. The purpose of the Aran stitching’s in the design gives the cardigan a deep Irish connection as they are part of the Irish cultures and traditions that have been around for decades. Different Aran patterns can be used singly or in combination to bring out the intended purpose of the designer. The Aran stitches have been in use over time, and they guarantee warmth and comfort when used in an outfit. The Aran patterns knit in winter-wears, which include sweaters, socks, caps, and scarfs. Despite the evolution and revolution in the design and style of the garment over time, the Aran patterns have retained their originality and uniqueness, albeit some little adjustments. Our fantastic cardigan features a variation of Cable Aran patterns, which guarantees you of the authenticity and uniqueness of this marvelous product which is truly a treasure! 

Product Features We Adore

One Button Detail

Nice one button fastener detail!

Prominent Lapels

Offers a modern and relaxed look!

100% Merino Wool

Makes this cardigan luxurious to the touch!

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