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Sleek Black Newsboy Irish Cap


■ Made out of 100% wool for durability and warmth

■ Lined with 100% polyester for extra comfort

■ Newsboy cap style with an elastic closure for comfort

■ Dry clean only for the best long-term maintenance



The Irish flat cap is a type of headwear that was worn in Ireland for centuries and has become popular all over the world. Our gorgeous cap was crafted using traditional techniques which gives it an unmistakable Irish flair. The cap was made from wool tweed, a material that is perfect for cold weather thanks to its insulating and weather-resistant properties. This sporty cap is incredibly versatile - you can wear it with any kind of clothing, be it an elegant coat and classic pants or a casual bomber jacket with a regular pair of boots. Wearing this hat provides you with comfort and style because of its warmth and versatility. This flat cap was made in Ireland by the talented artisans of Mucros Weavers, and this makes it a wonderful gift for someone who needs to add some Irish flair to their wardrobe!