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Here at Shamrock Gift, we’re proud to stock a multitude of Irish fashion staples, and when it comes to the Irish flat cap, we’re prouder than proud! This essential element of any Ireland-inspired wardrobe has been warming heads and hearts alike for as long as anyone can remember, and with good reason: it’s been around since the 14th century!

Irish Flat Caps History

This beloved headgear piece is known for its rounded look and small stiff brim that’s incorporated in a uniquely discreet fashion. In olden times, it acted as a marker of the working class. This was because of one particular incident which occurred in 1571: in an effort to encourage domestic wool consumption, Queen Elizabeth declared that all non-noble men aged six and over had to wear a wool cap every Sunday. The alternative was to be fined a (for the time) massive three farthings per day. This law lasted less than 30 years -- but by the time it faded out, the flat cap had already become a go-to accessory for working class men. It wasn’t long before the trend caught on in Ireland, and stayed there permanently.

By the time the 1920s had rolled around, however, this headpiece had become more of a fashion statement than a practical cover against the elements while farming, and as such was favored by young men of all classes. As with all trends, however, it wasn’t to last, and in the 30s and 40s, the hats were mostly worn by men of an older generation. But it’s hard to keep a good cap down -- and nowadays, they’re back with a vintage flair that shows no sign of fading out any time soon!

Irish Made Flat caps for any occasion 

Today, Irish flat caps are commonly referred to as “paddy caps” (for obvious reasons!) and are made in such a variance of styles that it’s easy to find one for any event. While most flat caps are made from the traditional fabrics of wool, tweed, or cotton, more unusual base materials include leather, linen, and corduroy. As with many of the caps we have on offer here, they are commonly lined on the inside for both warmth and comfort, the better to serve the needs of the wearer no matter what the time of the year!
Black Tweed Vintage Cap- for a versatile and truly Irish look this distinctive touring cap from Boyne Valley is handmade in Ireland from the finest black tweed.
Donegal Tweed Touring Cap- this cap made from the Finest Donegal Tweed features a cool tapered shape and comfortable lining combining the style and convenience.
Mucros Kerry Flat Cap Charcoal Herringbone Tweed- this delightful wool cap from Mucros Weavers features a natural charcoal herringbone tweed pattern that will look great on anyone.
Patrick Francis Patchwork Tweed Flat Cap- surprise the man in your life with this gorgeous Irish cap from Patrick Francis that features a rectangular Celtic Knot.

Choose your perfect cap from our broad selection of styles, including much-loved Donegal Tweed, the traditional herringbone stitch, and a fun, retro patchwork look that’s sure to charm those of even the most contemporary persuasion. Rugged, refined, and rustic all rolled into one, these caps make a perfect gift for yourself that you’re guaranteed to be sporting for years to come, and of course make an excellent gesture of goodwill towards the Ireland-lover in your life. Surprise them with a touch of history that will prove its worth time after time in the future. They’ll be thanking you for it in no time!

There is a flat cap for everyone!

Dress up an everyday ensemble with a traditional Irish flat cap, and be the envy of your friends at the local pub; alternatively, do as many Irish people do and take your flat cap with you to the gold course -- thanks to its secure fit and gentle brim, this accessory is the ideal piece of headgear for keeping both sun and sweat out of your eyes while you aim for a hole in one! Celebrities who favor the flat cap as their headpiece of choice include singer Harry Styles and actor and producer of Harry Potter fame, Jason Isaacs -- proving that this is a look that transcends both discipline and generation.

Choose your favorite Irish Flat cap from our broad selection and stand out! Shop here.

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