Men's Irish Cardigans

Irish sweaters have always radiated cozy charm, but when knitted in a cardigan style, there's something very smart and professorial about them that's perfect for work and play! Originally derived from the British waistcoat, cardigans started catching on in the early 20th century among the American college elite, knit with simple stitches in colors like navy and maroon. When the classic Aran stitches were added to the mix, the cardigan was truly elevated to an art form. All of our handsome men's cardigans are knitted with the softest and plushest of Irish wools (no scratchiness here!) in the authentic Irish styles that date back to the 17th century, when hand-knitting was first introduced in Ireland. What makes every Aran sweater so unique is the centuries of Irish history in each stitch: each stitch is meaningful, and each kind of stitch (moss, diamond, ladder, trellis, basket, cable, blackberry, honeycomb) means something special. Stitches could represent something as straightforward as wealth and success, or something as ambiguous and far-reaching as the tree of life. When you wear your Aran sweater, you're wearing a piece of history (a very stylish piece).

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  1. Men's Fisherman Aran Cardigan With Collar
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  2. Men's Irish Aran Shawl Neck Cardigan
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  3. Traditional Men's V-Neck Irish Cardigan
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  4. Fisherman Cardigan Sweater
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  5. Irish Cardigan Sweater
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