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phone: 800-773-0942 offers a high-quality range of Irish men’s clothing and accessories. The handsome collection has something for every guy. Whether you’re looking for layering items, t-shirts, accessories, sportswear, cardigans, or Irish flat caps, we’ve got you covered with a wide selection of styles and brand names like Guinness, Aran Woolen Mills, Saol, Mucros weavers, and more to choose from.

Men’s Irish Wool Sweaters

Ireland has long been known for its hearty fashions and fabrics, with staples such as Donegal tweed and the Aran sweater among the most popular of Irish styles. offers a range of items in both these styles.

Aran sweaters are perhaps the item of clothing most associated with Ireland, recognizable for their distinct knit patterns of diamonds, honeycomb, cable, and other raised knits. Also sometimes called Irish fishermen’s sweaters, these sweaters date back to the early 20th century as well, during the same rural investment plan that gave birth to Donegal tweed. They come from the remote Aran Islands, off the west coast of Ireland, where much of the population still speaks the Irish language. Legend says that the knit patterns were originally developed to aid in the identification of drowned bodies—that each family would have a unique pattern so that if their son or husband’s body was found after days in the ocean, it could still be identified by the sweater knit itself. Though this is apocryphal, it is true that different families had unique styles, but would often exchange techniques, leading to the blend of patterns found on today’s sweaters.

The raised patterns originated as an insulating technology, the greater the patterns rise, the more air could circulate within the wool, warming up with the heat of the body of the wearer, truly necessary for the long, cold, wet days on the Atlantic searching for fish. Today, Aran patterns can be found in a range of clothing and materials, from traditional crew neck sweaters to trendy shawl collar cardigans, and even in stocking caps, gloves, and especially scarves. At you’ll find great options of Irish Wool Sweaters and Cardigans for Men:
Traditional Mens Crew Neck Aran Sweater — If you want to opt for Classic Crew Neck Style this Aran sweater is perfect. It features the iconic honeycomb and diamond stitches of the Aran Islands.
Men's Zip-up Cardigan with Cable Patterns — This cardigan makes a great mix of traditional stitches, modern design, and comfortable and soft wool. The full zipper makes this cardigan convenient and easy to layer up.
Irish Aran V-Neck Sweater — This pure Merino wool sweater will go perfectly with both an elegant outfit or a casual one.

Though the traditional color was a natural light cream or off white of sheep’s wool, today the sweaters come in a variety of colors for any taste. Companies like Boyne Valley, Carraig Donn, SAOL and Aran Crafts offer a great selection of Aran knitwear in all styles.


Irish Flat Caps

Donegal tweed, a woven fabric that originated in County Donegal in the north of Ireland, is a heavy tweed textile that contains random spots of color and has become synonymous with Irish tweed. It first originated in the early 20th century as a commercial enterprise, when the Congested Districts Board, a body established by the Irish government, began to fund local weavers to inject capital into rural parts of the country. Though the tweed had been produced before this time, this investment provided manufacturers with a way to sell their goods nationally, and later internationally to a growing market of men looking for sturdy, warm fabrics for their coats. sells a range of items in Donegal tweed, including a broad selection of Irish flat caps from companies like Patrick Francis, Boyne Valley Knitwear, and Mucros Weavers as Mucros Weavers Kerry Brown Plaid Tweed Flat Cap or the gorgeous Patrick Francis Patchwork Tweed Flat Cap. Today, you can find Donegal tweed in a number of patterns, including herringbone, houndstooth, plaid, and even patchwork combinations of all.

Official Guinness Merchandise is also proud to be an official retailer for trademark Guinness merchandise, which includes a huge range of t-shirts, sportswear, and accessories. Whether you’re looking for a rock ’n’ roll Guinness tee or a rugby jersey with Guinness’s trademark harp, we’ve got you covered. We also offer a large range of official Irish G.A.A. sportswear, including Gaelic football, hurling, and rugby wear.

Browse our entire selection of Irish men’s clothing here to find the perfect gift for a friend or father, or treat yourself to one of our classic heritage Irish items.

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    Alpaca Wool Men's Scarf - Black Stripes

    Prepare to welcome the cold season in style, with our superb Alpaca Wool Men's Scarf - Black Stripes! This cozy and voluminous Irish scarf is the perfect accessory for autumn and winter. It was made in Ireland, by the Mucros Weavers, a leading...

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    Alpaca Men's Irish Scarf- Cream Herringbone

    Looking for an accessory that uplifts any look? Look no further with our classy scarf. This piece is made of 100% alpaca, which is best known for its exceptional softness and sturdiness. Moreover, our alpaca scarf is water repellent, providing...

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    Alpaca Wool Irish Men's Scarf- Brown Rainbow

    The stunning Alpaca Wool Irish Men's Scarf- Brown Rainbow will become your favorite pick for cold days! A piece made in Ireland, by Mucros Weavers, a leading manufacturer of Irish knitwear, our scarf embodies the perfect combination of comfort and style...

  • SAOL Crew Neck Sweater AWM208 Natural front SAOL Crew Neck Sweater AWM208 Natural front SAOL Crew Neck Sweater AWM208 Natural back SAOL Crew Neck Sweater AWM208 Navy front SAOL Crew Neck Sweater AWM208 Navy front

    Saol Crew Neck Aran Sweater

    Our iconic, cozy Irish Crew Neck Aran Sweater is a winter staple for both men and women and is guaranteed to keep you safe from icy chills and ocean winds alike. Each Aran sweater we ship is manufactured from brand new, 100% Irish-sourced wool, and...

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    Sterling Silver Trinity Knot Cufflinks Small

    These handsome Celtic Knot cufflinks from Solvar  are made of sterling silver. Simultaneously elegant yet whimsical, the cufflinks measure 5/8" in width and add that perfect dash of Irish charm to any outfit. The Trinity Knot is an ancient Celtic...

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