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Natural Irish 3x Veg Oil Soaps in Bag 125g

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  • Natural Irish 3x Vegetable Oil Soap in a Bag
  • Bar Soap Weight (each): 125 g
  • Fragrances of Ireland
  • Designed in Ireland


Manufacturer: Fragrances of Ireland

End a long, busy work day with a relaxing bath or shower where you can get lost in the soothing scents of Ireland with this Natural Irish 3x Vegetable Oil Soap in a Bag!

This wonderful set consists of a trio of bar soaps that will pamper your skin with mesmerizing aromas and nourishment. Each of the three bar soaps is formulated with vegetable oil, which cleans and protects the skin while infusing rich moisture.

One bar soap comes in a sweet lavender scent that has relaxing benefits, the second bar soap boasts a lovely morning rose scent that is pleasantly floral, and the third bar soap comes in a heather and moss scent, which offers an invigorating earthy seaweed and floral scent.

Each bar of soap comes packaged in pure linen wrapping that can be used as an exfoliating cloth during showers, and the entire set is packaged in a gift bag that makes it ready to present as a gift!

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