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November Birthstone Pendant

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  • Another unprecedented offering from Dublin’s very own James Jewelers, who have gained international acclaim for superb design and quality.
  • Each pendant shipped comes packaged in a charming keepsake box designed by James Jewelers, making it that much more of a special gift.
  • The November birthstone, topaz, as well as the Claddagh, are both symbols of love and devotion, making this pendant a must have for that special someone in your life.
  • Each handcrafted November Birthstone Pendant is officially hallmarked at the Dublin Assay Office, which has been certifying Irish-made jewelry since 1637.
  • Each pendant includes free 3-day shipping anywhere in the U.S. Do not delay in ordering your pendant to commemorate a special November birthday. 


Manufacturer: Solvar Jewelry

If you are Irish or simply appreciate the Irish culture, and love birthstone jewelry, then this November Birthstone Pendant is an absolute must-have piece. Handcrafted by James Jewelers in Dublin, these November Birthstone Pendants feature the iconic Claddagh hand design, lovingly built around a heart-shaped stone carved from a glimmering topaz gem. Atop the topaz, the official birthstone of the month of November, sits the traditional Claddagh crown, a symbol of loyalty that has adorned Claddagh hand designs since the 16th century when they first began to appear. Our November Birthstone Pendant is the perfect gift for that special someone in your life who happens to have a November birthday, and is the perfect accent to any autumn outfit. Whether the wearer is dressing up or down, the subtle yet iconic look of this slender, silvery pendant adds the perfect touch of elegance and simplicity. The topaz has long been treasured for its glistening honey hues and orange and pink undertones. Ancient Egyptian and Roman cultures both used topaz jewels in headwear, rings, and pendants, believing them to dispel wicket enchantments. As the ages wore on and use of the topaz spread, so too did its symbols and meanings for the many cultures who adopted it for use in their jewelry. For many, the topaz began to be associated with love and affection, which is why we think this gem is the perfect fit for our Claddagh-themed silver pendants. Not only has the Claddagh endured for centuries as an Irish symbol of loyalty, love, and fidelity, the topaz is another symbol of loving unity, making our November Birthstone Pendant a double-whammy when it comes to telling someone how much they mean to you. Making this pendant even more special is the fact that each November Birthstone Pendant is officially hallmarked by the Dublin Assay Office, which has been certifying quality Irish-made jewelry since it was commissioned by Charles I in 1637. It was about this same time that the Claddagh hands began to first make their appearance in Irish jewelry in the fishing village of Claddagh, in County Galway. Primarily used for engagement rings or wedding bands, the Claddagh hands clasping a crown-adorned heart have been a symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship in Ireland for generations. The symbol’s popularity has spread throughout the past few centuries, and it now commonly appears on pendants, bracelets, and other special commemorative items. We are especially proud to offer this November Birthstone Pendant as part of our birthstone pendant collection. The special nature of the topaz’s ancient meaning coupled with the historic symbolism of the Irish Claddagh make this birthstone pendant a truly unique piece that will become a great treasure to the one who wears it. Since launching our birthstone pendants, the November Birthstone Pendant has become especially popular, so we recommend ordering yours as soon as possible. All orders receive free three-day shipping anywhere within the U.S., so there is no reason to not pick one up today before they are gone. That November birthday is right around the corner, and we just know this will be the most unique and special gift your special loved one will have received all year.  

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