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Red Baby Pinafore Dress

Out of stock
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  • Manufactured from 100% pure Merino wool from Ireland, with a super-soft, super-cozy and warm textures, to keep your baby safe from the cold
  • Our gorgeous piece of art comes in a variety of three sizes, giving you the option of picking a perfect piece for your little angel
  • The lovely dress is a product of the prestigious, well established and renown Irish garment manufacturing firm, Carraig Donn
  • The multi-colored colors featured in the fabulous dress highlights magnificent artistic designs and styles, remarkably standing out
  • The beautiful dress features unique and authentic patterns in its designs, giving it a connection to the vast Irish heritage


Manufacturer: Carraig Donn

Babies are cute little angels that we all love to adore, pamper, and admire. Dressing up your baby in the beautiful dressing adds on their cuteness, and it will be had to get your eyes off them. There are a variety of baby garments coming in different designs and styles from the numerous collections available. Picking the ultimate baby dress should not be a challenge, as our Red Baby Pinafore Dress epitomes a gorgeous garment you can get for your little angel.
Our little marvel brims full of awesomeness and cuteness, and it will be the perfect addition to your baby's collection. This marvelous piece of art can also serve as a thoughtful gift to your friend, who has a baby girl, and they will love it completely.
The Pinafore dress is suitable for the cold and chilly season, whether staying indoors or going out for a family outing. The clothing is comfortable, warm, and cute, a combination making it a priceless addition to your baby’s collection.
The gorgeous Pinafore Dress is a product of Ireland's leading and premier garment and jewelry manufacturing firm, Carraig Donn. From its inception, the firm maintains the practice of incorporating the ancient and glamorous Irish patterns and designs in its products, and our lovely dress is no exception. The elaborate models bring alive the rich Irish heritage and add beauty, authenticity, and uniqueness to their products.
The sweet Carraig Donn dress comes from a super-soft Merino wool from Ireland. The cozy and warm textured pure Merino wool is plush and never scratchy and is remarkably durable.

Product Features We Adore

Classic Aran Knitting

Knit patterns like the cable and blackberry stitch are both stylish and traditional

100% Soft Merino Wool

Merino wool is the softest wool available while being extremely warm

Multi-colored Buttons

Fun button colors add a bit of style and fun to this beautiful dress

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