Set of Two Ireland Mugs in Irish Gift Box

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  • Give these mugs individually to two different special friends, or give them together as something special to be shared together.
  • Each mug includes intricate designs of Celtic knot work, vibrant green shamrocks, and a short sentiment describing Ireland as “the land of one hundred thousand welcomes.”
  • This incredible mug set is made by Royal Tara, one of Ireland’s most popular manufacturers of fine china and special giftware.
  • Our Set of Two Ireland Mugs in Irish Gift Box is made from premium bone china, and is dishwasher friendly. You will own these mugs for the rest of your life!


Manufacturer: Royal Tara

Bring some good luck to your daily morning coffee or tea time with our fantastic Set of Two Ireland Mugs in Irish Gift Box. This beautiful set from Royal Tara includes two 13-ounce mugs made of hand-painted bone china sourced entirely in Ireland. With a festive, shamrock-decorated green background, these mugs are adorned with lovely red Celtic Knot borders and feature the word “Ireland” emblazoned across the center and adorned with cheerful shamrocks (which are of course the iconic symbol of good luck in Ireland). On the side of each mug opposite the handle in a Celtic script is a brief saying: “the land of one hundred thousand welcomes,” which refers to the famous Irish saying, "Cead Mile Failte."

Bone china differs from fine china in that its natural color is somewhat softer and more inviting than your typical fine china giftware. This also helps bring out the vibrant palette of colors that is painted over it in a special way that will catch the eye of anyone holding one of these fantastic mugs. The shamrocks painted above and below the center of each mug serve as a delicate frame of the word “Ireland,” that is painted over an off-white background in a special script reminiscent of ages gone by. The shamrock motif extends beyond the creamy central design to overlay the rest of the mug’s surface in a rich green that is bordered by crimson and tan Celtic knot work. If you’re looking for a set of mugs you intend to love and use for many decades to come, then you really don’t have to look much further. These are perhaps the most “Irish” mugs ShamrockGift has to offer and we are so happy to hear about how much our customers are enjoying their mugs.

Headquartered in Galway, Royal Tara has served as one of Ireland's most renowned makers of fine china, gift ware, and related accessories for more than 50 years. Today the company's products are enjoyed in households across the globe, but each item the company ships has its humble roots in Royal Tara's workshop. Additionally, each piece passes through the hands of numerous craftspeople as it makes its way through the workshop, each of whom add their own special touch to our Set of Two Ireland Mugs in Irish Gift Box and thereby making each mug a unique one-of-a-kind piece. This is your chance to own a special, unique piece of Ireland that expresses your love for the country’s rich history and culture in a fun, unique way with your friends and family. We are very excited to partner with Royal Tara to offer our Set of Two Ireland Mugs in Irish Gift Box because we feel they make a perfect gift for either yourself or a special friend who loves Irish history and culture as much as we do.

Please do not delay in ordering your Set of Two Ireland Mugs in Irish Gift Box! They will arrive safe and sound at your door in a beautiful paper box decorated in the same style and motif as your mugs, making it as easy purchase to give as a gift. As with all orders at ShamrockGift, these mugs include free 3-day shipping anywhere in the United States, so you will have your set very soon after placing your order.

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