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Shamrock Spiral Mug

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  • Fashioned out of the durable, magnificent and beautiful bone china that makes it exceptional and unique in appearance
  • The lovely mug has a capacity of 370mls, large enough to hold a substantial amount of beverage for your enjoyment and satisfaction
  • Passes through the skilled and experienced artisan’s hands who clearly, carefully and elaborately hand-paints the mug
  • The mug is a product of one of Ireland's leading, renowned and well-established excellent bone china production companies known as Royal Tara
  • The design and style feature the iconic, popular and famous shamrock flower, embracing the Irish cultural and religious roots


Manufacturer: Royal Tara

Mugs come in a variety of styles, designs, and shapes, all elaborately chosen to impress, pass a message, and satisfy your urge as you enjoy your beverage. Some of the mugs have unique and exquisite designs that bring to fore artistic handiwork. Having your coffee or tea mug that features intrinsic designs and style as part of your kitchen ware will get your gets impressed and touched. Our marvelous Shamrock Spiral Mug is a highlight of impressive artistic works that gets your imagination and attention.
Our lovely spiral mug is the perfect addition to the kitchenware, especially those looking to spice things up with a touch of art and class. The artistic piece can also serve as a considerate and excellent addition to your gift box and will get your friends or loved ones impressed.
Every ounce and inch of the mug spells perfection and highlights the great effort, and work put it by the artisans and designers. The cup is a product of Royal Tara, a leading, well established and renowned excellent bone china production company in Ireland.
Royal Tara, in existence for over 50 years, is renowned for its exquisite, touchy and unique products that are recognizable the world over. The company endeavors to highlight ancient Celtic patterns, elaborately used in their products. Royal Tara brings together a dedicated, skilled, and experienced team of artisans whose focus is to maintain the standards set by one of the industry's leading companies. The Shamrock Spiral Mug is but an example of the hard work, skill, and dedication put forth by the Royal Tara employees.
Celtic art and Irish luck make a perfectly designed combination in this Shamrock Spiral Mug.
Front and center of the mug is a gold-framed shamrock flower colored with vivid green against an elegant darker green background. The Shamrock is an iconic Irish symbol with a lot of cultural and religious significance. The use of the Shamrock in the design of the mug endears the product to many people with Irish origins and those that identify with the unique emblem.
At the center of the magnificent Shamrock is a Celtic Triple Spiral that is touchy and unique in appearance. Beautifully designed inside the Shamrock's leaves are two tiny shamrock flowers that are stunning and gorgeous.
Our lovely bone china mug from Royal Tara has a finishing off with an intricate pattern of never-ending Celtic Knotwork. The attractive designs circle the top border of the cup, and displayed at the bottom of the mug is ''Ireland' in a classic Celtic font.

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