The Aisling Wool Pullover

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  • Every sweater is knitted from 100% ultra-soft, premium Merino wool sourced from Ireland’s finest yarn manufacturers.
  • The Aisling Wool Pullover is available in sizes S-XXL, and complements any frame and figure. You will love this the moment you slip it on!
  • Available in Soft Green or Periwinkle Blue, making it a great, adaptive garment for a wide variety of formal and casual gatherings.
  • Traditional Aran Cable Stitching is as iconic as it is stylish. We are proud to offer another great sweater honoring Irish craftsmanship and fashion that is 100% Irish-made
  • We are proud to offer our Aisling pullover knitted from the wool of sheep from Boyne Valley Knitwear, in Boyne Valley, Co. Meath.


Manufacturer: Boyne Valley Knitwear

Treat her (or yourself) to a classic Irish sweater that will become an instant favorite for years to come! This special women’s Aisling Wool Pullover is one of our most popular offerings and you will understand the moment you take it out of the box. Made from 100%, incredibly soft, rich Merino Wool and knitted in Ireland, the Aisling Wool Pullover is an instant hit for women in need of something warm and durable that can be worn for any number of occasions.

We currently offer the Aisling (pronounced “ashling”) pullover in a light periwinkle blue or soft green, delicate colors that complement a wide variety of outfits that will add a bit of Irish beauty to any gathering. This pullover sweater includes a beautifully Aran woven crew neck collar and features the iconic Aran cable stitching, adding a unique layer of texture, depth, and character to an otherwise beautiful garment just waiting for you to bring it home.

This sweater is available in sizes ranging from small to XXL; it’s sumptuous wool and long silhouette will comfortably hug your frame and feel like you’re putting on an old favorite the first time you pull it over your head. Pair it with jeans, leggings, a dress, or make it a cozy layer to your favorite winter outfit for a final look that appears as effortless as it is stylish. The inspiration for our Aisling pullover gives a nod to Irish folklore and mythology, while also representing a fun take on the classic Aran sweater popular among Irish fishermen and their families.

Traditionally, an Aisling is an Irish poem in which a beautiful maiden appears before the poet in a mysterious vision. The Aisling is a feminine form of Ireland itself and reminds the poet of the nation’s imminent revival and good fortune. This format of the poem became popular in the 17th and 18th centuries, and today this sweater honors the history of the Aisling genre and the patriotic messages it conveys. One of the more well-known aislings of Irish mythology appears before Óengus Óg, who was visited each night by a beautiful young girl playing harp. Having fallen hopelessly in love with the woman, Óengus refused to eat or partake in his normal day-to-day life, becoming obsessed with the image of the young girl appearing in his nighttime visions.

While donning this luxurious yet sturdy pullover may not grant you quite the same level of power over others, it will certainly turn the heads of those who appreciate our modern take on this iconic knitwear.

Each Aisling Wool Pullovers are lovingly crafted from Merino wool harvested from Boyne Valley Knitwear, located in Boyne Valley, Co. Meath. Raised by Alison Fullam Gogan, whose farm rests in the heart of the valley, the sheep (breeds include Jacob sheep, Belclare, Zwarble, Kerry Hill, Teeswater, and more) have received numerous awards for the quality of their wool, including recognition for Best Stock Ram in Ireland and second place recognition for All Ireland Flock assessments. 

Product Features We Adore

Crew Neck Collar

Crew neck collar provides a classic look and breath-ability

Bright Colors

The Light Periwinkle Blue or Soft Green are colors that flatter all

Aran Cable Stitching

Tradition cable rope patterns bring texture, depth, and character

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