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Womens Cable Buttoned Cardigan

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  • Use of traditional Cable Aran stitches complemented by a sharp, clean hem and cuff lines giving the cardigan a polished finish
  • Classy and standout buttons lining the center of the sweater add charm and practicality to the lovely piece, allowing for a variety of styles when dressing it up
  • The sleek oversized flap collar is stylish, adding a touch of elegance and warmth to the sweater, helping you keep the cold at bay
  • The sweater is a product of one of Ireland’s households’ names in garment manufacturing, Carraig Donn, a leading and renowned firm in the production of winter wear in Ireland
  • Cozy and cute front pockets lend a practical element to the beautiful cardigan, allowing you to store your small items and keep your hands warm in chilly weather


Manufacturer: Carraig Donn

If you are looking to spice up your look, stay comfy, cool and sleek, especially during the winter season, then our Women’s Cable Button Cardigan is the ultimate choice. This marvelous piece will serve as a perfect addition to any lady’s closet, especially those with an eye for art and style. Our gorgeous piece lets you dress up freely yet maintain that classy look. The lovely cardigan is a sophisticated casual dressing that enables you to step out in style. Enhance your winter wear with our super stylish Women's Cable Button Cardigan.
The cardigan is a perfect craft from 100% pure Merino wool, which guarantees you elegance and product quality. The merino wool offers you comfort, assures you the durability of the sweater and has a super soft touch when it graces your skin. The wool is soft, absorbent and all-natural, perfect for knits fashioned into clothes.
The cardigan, a product of Carraig Donn, one of the most elegant garments manufacturing companies in Ireland. The firm employs some of the brightest minds that come together to craft the most exquisite products that have a touch of class. Carraig Donn products stand out, and you can easily pick them even from a crowd.
The design of the lovely sweater features some of the most distinctive and unique patterns from Ireland, the Aran stitches. The classic patterns from having their origin in the Aran Islands in Galway Bay, the native land of Ireland. The beautiful stitches combine texture, depth, and intricate movement that are unique and lovely.
The style of the cardigan is astounding, with every little detail is taken into consideration. Six, bold, glossy buttons run down the center of the cardigan, adding charm and practicability. You get to adjust the cardigan depending on the weather, either wearing it open, buttoned up or partially buttoned. The hard-dandy pockets lend a classic touch that comes along with convenience. The prominent flap collar featuring on the sweater adds a level of sophistication and warmth.
The design and style of the marvelous sweater are versatile enough for any look that you want to rock. You get to wear the lovely sweater to the office or rock it for a casual day out with friends and family. The sweater is available in a variety of colors to pick from, allowing you to select your preferred color for that perfect match.

Product Features We Adore

Button-Front Closure

Six gray buttons down the center of this cardigan add charm and practicality that allow it to be worn closed, partially buttoned, or opened for a variety of fun, layered looks!

Front Pockets

Cute front pockets adorned with cable rope stitching and ridged trim lend more dynamic movement and dimension to the piece along with utility.

Oversized Flap Collar

A prominent flap collar adds refined sophistication in addition to warmth and breathability to this piece, enabling it to be layered with tops with thick turtleneck or raised collars.

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