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Oval Sapphire and Diamond Celtic Trinity 14K Yellow and White Gold 3 Stone

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  • Pop the question with elegance and class with the help of this stunning yellow and white gold sapphire and diamond engagement ring. 
  • The bright, vivid blue hue of this ring’s central sapphire stone gives this piece a unique edge which sets it apart from other, more traditional engagement rings. 
  • Stunning Celtic Trinity knot detailing gives brings a traditional Irish touch to this engagement ring, making it the perfect gesture for any woman with a special place in her heart for the Emerald Isle.
  • Pure 14K yellow and white gold metalwork adds a gorgeous sense of contrast to this beautiful piece -- and ensures a consistently stunning shine, to boot!
  • This piece comes packaged in a gorgeous ShanOre presentation and keepsake box, making it easy to get down on one knee with all the style and elegance you can imagine!


Manufacturer: ShanOre Jewelry

In every loving relationship, there comes a time when the desire to move to the next level reaches the point of no return. To commit yourself to your beloved forever in mind, body, and soul is a profound gesture of respect and adoration -- so when you pop that all-important question, it’s essential that you do it with a ring that’s every bit as magnificent as the one who you’re presenting it to! This yellow and white gold sapphire and diamond engagement ring from ShanOre is a fantastic choice for anyone with a mind to sweep that special someone cleans off their feet!

Made in Ireland, this stunning piece features a charming oval-cut blue sapphire as its highlighting aspect. This precious gemstone has been adored for centuries for its eye-catching, luxurious gleam and vivid coloration. Sapphire is most commonly known as the traditional birthstone for the month of September, making it an excellent option for proposing to a special lady who was born at that time of year. Alternatively, if you’re planning for a September proposal, this ring is an excellent way to make the month a special one in your memory forever.

The central sapphire stone is artfully flanked by two delicately-cut and flawless white diamonds, the brilliance of which beautifully enhances the sharp color of the blue gem. In turn, each of these diamonds is set with a Celtic Trinity knot design in pure 14K white gold, a creative choice that perfectly evokes the inherent Irish magic of this piece.

For hundreds of years, the Celtic Trinity knot has been revered by historians as one of the most mysterious and beautiful visual features in all of the ancient Irish artwork. While it’s theorized that this symbol was once used by Ireland’s ancient pagans to demonstrate the interconnectedness of the natural forces of earth, air, and water, Christian Ireland brought about a new associated meaning. It’s said that early Christian monks used this icon to show the distinct but equal power of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, who came together as the one and only God. No matter what take on this gorgeous design you favor, you’re sure to be taken in by its clean lines and mystical shape in no time.

This gorgeous ring is finished off with a striking 14K gold band, which, like all ShanOre products, is elegantly inscribed with the company name on its inner curve as a testament to its authenticity and a high-quality guarantee. And, just like all ShanOre jewelry again, it comes appealingly pre-packaged in a sleek, cream-colored ring box; perfect for knocking your presentation out of the park during that magical moment when you get down on one knee!

Since the year 1979, the ShanOre team has been populated by the same Irish family, dedicated to and proud of their practise of providing jewelry lovers all over the world with the very best that the Emerald Isle has to offer. Their work is so highly-praised that it has reeled in countless awards over the years, such as from the NACTA: North American Celtic Trade Organization, and the Feefo Trusted Service Award in 2018. With a reputation like this, there’s no two ways about it: ShanOre is the best choice out there for securing the engagement ring of your dreams. So, what are you waiting for? Add this incredibly lovely piece to your cart today, and enjoy the feeling of being one step closer to a lifetime of wedded bliss!


Material 14K Yellow & White Gold
Weight 3.5 grams
Width 3mm
Diamond Colour H - I
Diamond Clarity SI1
Diamond Carat 0.16ct